Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yo Soy Un Hombre Sincero

You need to know about this man.

Remember Pat Robertson said he needed to be assinated?

Seriously…you need to look into his history.

How he has changed his country and those connected to it in the Western Hemisphere.

Now he’s reaching out globally.

You still don’t know him? You should. I spoke about him in my first (and only) World Wide Wednesday. And even if you didn’t read about him there…you should know that…

Senor Chavez has brokered a deal with CitGo to provide low cost fuel to the American poor.

No…seriously…President Chavez has agreed to provide 12 million gallons of fuel to low-income communities to help fight the supposed “energy crisis” at a discounted 40% off what American companies are charging. Senators in Massachusetts and the Bronx, Ny have already signed up for the distribution.

You should call your local senator and ask him why he hasn’t requested the fuel for your area. There’s no law against this kind of deal. As a matter of fact, CitGo is a Venezuelan Company. I stop at that gas station all the time…in fact I go nowhere else if I can help it…CitGo has the cheapest gas in town.

Back to Hugo Chavez.

You may have missed the fact that he’s stepping his game up. A long time supporter of Fidel Castro in Cuba, his major mission in this experiment is to prove that American governing policies are wrong and hurt the people of the nation. Funny, I live here and feel the same way. American oil companies predicted a doomsday situation after the Hurricane Katrina disaster, however oil production has been steady since Rita and oil prices continue to rise. Are the prices increasing because of a shortage? Is there more of a demand? No..It’s because they have already tested our thirsty pockets and found out that they could in fact charge upwards of $3.00 a gallon for gas and really get away with it.

With the enormous profit that the oil companies collect off of every individual who owns a house, drives a car, etc., it has been suggested that they contribute a portion in the form of a partial discount to poor Americans. I would venture to say that I can hear the laughter ringing from those boardrooms when that was brought up. Give back? What are you kidding me? Never in a Harlem minute!

Chavez has to arm himself now. He’s against NAFTA and it was so funny to see Bush trying to avoid standing next to him during the meeting in Argentina. Bush has pledged to stay away from him and will make all attempts to slander him when he can. With my first post I spoke about Bush pushing for Brazil to become the leader in South American economy, but it is apparent that some higher power has a hand in this turn of events.

Prior to the invasion of Iraq, the Bush government attempted to fund a coup against Chavez, planting agents and trying to turn the country against Chavez’s Socialist ideas in order to gain control of the 5th largest oil supplier in the world. However, this was swiftly recognized and dealt with, Chavez quickly sent the Bush-ites fleeing north. So thusly defeated Bush decided to attack Iraq. It was reported by the BBC Monday that Spain and Venezuela reached an arms deal. Arms deal? Why would any country need an arms deal in this supposed time of peace. Because we really aren’t at peace yall. We live in a time when our American government can usurp the authority of a sovereign country and control their oil. He who controls the oil controls the world right? It reminds me of the movie Dune and the “spice”. Spain had to defend it’s sale of 2 billion dollars worth of military equipment with its Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero saying “Between friends, each must respect the other's decisions. We cooperate in very many areas with the U.S. government, but -- with the U.S. government or any government in the world -- we are not going to bow to what their positions may be, Spain's positions are taken by the government and the parliament of Spain"

Now that’s Gangsta!

Chavez isn’t alone. Italy, like Spain is open to dealing with countries other than the U.S. The Venezuelan Government is currently in talks with Italy, involving 600 million in trade amounts. This was brought about following a meeting to discuss poverty. Because that's what Chavez is also about..trying to alleviate the pain and suffering experienced by the poor around the world. He has deals brokered with Caribbean countries including Cuba, that trade fuel for partial payment of bananas and sugar. This allows countries like Guatemala and Jamaica to have more of a choice of where they buy their energy options and provide them with enough savings to finally pay off the huge IMF debts they have accrued since the formation of the UN.

I am happy to see a man of color stand up. Chavez has no problem pointing back to the African and Indian origins of his birth. He is trying to change the way that the people in his country live and at the same time breaking the mentality that these South, Central and Caribbean Americans have to depend on the US for everything. And he’s trying to include us too yall…

The whole British and American constitutions are founded upon the same person: Locke. It was his philosophy that Government existed to protect private property and after they have raped all of Latin America, Africa, the Indian region and Australia…they still try to keep a kind of economic slavery.

Make sure you call your local congressman about that cheap oil from CitGo…

And keep an eye out for Hugo Chavez

He’s got me wanting to move to Venezuela…

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Somebody's Watching Me

“I'm just an average girl with an average life
I work from nine to five, hey hell I pay the price
But I want is to be left alone in my average home
But why do I always feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone

I always feel that somebody's watchin' me
And I have no privacy
I always feel that somebody's watchin' me
Is it just a dream?”

Disclaimer: I warned you weekends would be personal….This is a long post with related thoughts and a big blogger POW at the end…I would like comments on this…so if you read it after the fact…please feel free to share your thoughts…

I been in “blogworld” for a year now.

Some strange shit has gone down.

I’ve always kept it real…without shouting people out. Never really exposing people…keeping errthing on the down low.

If you are a well-read reader of my blog…you can pretty much figure some shit out.

(Sorry I’m in the middle of a rum and coke and working on that R. Kelly Supermix…so forgive the profanity…but I’m speaking str8 from my head now.)

But back to it…

Like I said…if you went back in the archives you could probably figure out:

Who the “The Light” was…

That I had a rough time with someone on this blog…I called her an internet stalker…but I’ll come clean about that at another time…She has still been reading my little old blog…and I’m actually glad about that…I don’t hold animosity toward anyone…and understanding my part in the fiasco that occurred between her, “The Light” and myself…..I appreciate the fact that she still enjoys my voice without talking about my sagging tits ;)

(by the way…they really don’t sag…she was just mad at me LOL)

I’ve talked about some really ill shit…

But now I’m talking to you on a serious tip.

I get a lot of blog traffic. Most of it is because I have that damn picture of Beyonce giving Terrance Howard a lap dance. People from all around the world…My site meter locations page has some beautiful flags. I accept that. I love it in fact…

When you google, or MSN Search, Yahoo search “DJ Diva”, I’m on the first page.

That astounded me yesterday when I tried it. I mean…I thought that’s what I wanted…when I started…the blog was on the 10th page…BOOOO (prodigal sun, 2005)

But then that alerted me to something….a loss of privacy…I mean all my pages were up,,,my photo page…the first chapter of my book about my time in that cult…articles I wrote for the paper…I was even connected to the photo page showing all those nasty folks at the ski trip I went to this year…


I think I fixed that…but we’ll see…I’m glad I’m moving soon….

But now I have a bigger conondrum

You see…although I fully understand that blogging can be anonymous…and folks read me that I may never know about…Hell I read some people and never tell them…I have my reasons…

But if I become a regular reader of someone’s blog…I always let them know I’m there…I don’t comment as often as I should….But I usually keep up…And I may comment on archive ish…but yall know that already..

What I’m saying is I always comment on a blog that I regularly read….

But here is some strange shit that went down recently…

This summer I dated a well-known blogger, who I nicknamed Harlem, for a very brief period of time…He has a lot of female blogger friends…One very best friend in particular…I know they speak and hang out very often…as evident on both her blog and his…I scanned her blog once…but I never went back…I just thought it would be too weird…Harlem and I ended back in September…as you can see in my archives…I haven’t mentioned him again…

So last week I went to a blog on my bloglinks…to someone who happens to be a very loooong time physical (not cyber) friend…Somebody I hang with…our children play together…BBQ’s…you get it…In her comments, Harlem’s friend said that she came to my friend’s blog from my blog….So she’s been reading me all this time? And she never said a word…not a hi or nofin….just reading it…(Yall got all that?)

That makes me feel weird yall…like I mean maybe this blogging shit is way too serious…considering she already knows who I am…I know that she knows what went down between me and Harlem…the fact that she (still) reads me makes me feel funny…and that she reads w/o saying a word makes me feel like WTF? Are she and Harlem discussing me? Does she report back to him my posts? Or am I just nuts? I mean not one comment from her ever…strange….

I have a friend of 20 years who reads and doesn’t say anything…That’s cool…I chewed her out…cause she’s a blogger now….and then she left one…I was excited!!!! And she never has to leave another…besides I knew she was reading anyway…

I send plenty of folks to my site who don’t comment and that is cool…

For those of you who may not know…there are some pretty big blog folks out there…who attract a lot of people to their sites…I’m wondering how many of them are reading me and not saying nofin too? I mean I was just curious…

So maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill…and I’m just freaked out….but hence the reason for wanting to start another blog (haven’t completed the design yet)

Cause this just feels weird…..

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Massacre Day

The above picture is the actual turkey that I started cooking at 6 AM..I ended up making Thanksgiving dinner for my mom and dad and the twins...quiet...delicious...very loving...

Every year I say to myself, "Oh, maybe this year I'll take the twins to the Macy's Parade". The weather is usually horrible...why have a parade with big ass balloons for kids...when it's Cold, windy or raining? Then this type of shit happens...said plainly? Somebody always gets fucked up by a balloon...That's why I am so thankful I never go. I hate crowds anyway...Hate em!

I have been saying "Happy Massacre Day" in my head for several years now...Lately I been saying it out loud. Only in America can we sit down and have a huge feast to celebrate the genocide inflicted upon the Indians. It is the only holiday where we are almost guaranteed 2 days off. Can you imagine Germany having a holiday celebrating the decimation of the Jews? Or why not the Rwandans celebrating with a roast pig on the anniversary of their madness? is because the Indians or Native Americans have been rendered forgettable. My professor in Baldwin had something interesting things for us to think about. He said something like:

"The Indian is considered the most insignificant race in America. One need only to look at the names of sport teams like the Apaches or Redskins to see the disrespect. You would never see a large German woman statue next to a brockwurst shop, yet it is perfectly acceptable in American culture to see Chief Longfellow standing outside a tobacco shop"

(Sorry Professor, I took some poetic license with your words...)

The sad part is that I'm not directing this to peoples of the Caucasian persuasion...Us colored folks had a hand in it too. The role of the Buffalo Soldiers was to remove the Indians from their lands. Yeah we're complicit...We eat our potato salad instead of mashed potatoes, we eat collard greens instead of string bean casserole...however we are all implicated in this regardless of color. Today I added on a prayer for the Indians and repented for my races participation in the genocide...then I sat down with my family and was thankful for everything that we have...cause it could be a lot worse...WE could be living on a reservation...struggling to hold on to our identity and way of life..and once a year...everyone will get a holiday to roast, bake and toast and remember us as the trusting fools who tried to feed some starving Pilgrims...

Now how was my day?

We were supposed to go to my Aunt P's house for dinner...well it actually went down like this:

Mom: We can't go to Memphis cause Dad can't drive since the operation on his shoulder...
Me: Ok so what do you want to do?
Mom: We should have it at your house
Me: Ok...who's coming and how should we break it down?
Mom:We'll work it out...Call Auntie Bo for the potato salad
Me: Allright

weeks pass by

Me: (calls Auntie Bo numerous times...met with busy signal because Auntie Bo loves to surf the damn net!!!)

Sunday before Thanksgiving

Mom: Did you call Bo?
Me: I tried but her number stay busy
Mom: Nevermind then...We'll just go eat at Auntie P's...Call her and find out what we should bring


Me: (Calls Auntie P and leaves 2 messages)


Me: (Calls Auntie P and leaves 2 more messages)

Tues Nite

C: Hey Dog I have Auntie Bo on the three way..
Me: Hey Dog...what's up Auntie Bo?
Bo: I'm taking my potato salad to Pam's
Me: Ok...I really tried to call you...but your line stays busy
Bo: yeah uhm yeah giggle
Me: So what's up with Auntie P? Is Thanksgiving at her house?
Bo: *Silence*
Me: Uhm Bo? Is Thanksgiving at P's house?
Bo: Well uhm...I'm not really sure...hems and hedges and haws...
Me: So P is having a "Secret Thanksgiving"? ("Secret Thanksgiving" is when you cook but don't want nobody to know you cooking)
Bo: I don't know...I don't know nothing...I'm just bringing the potato salad

So Wednesday at 4pm it was decided again that I was indeed cooking dinner. I went and brought all the necessary items and and made the turkey, yams, sweet potato pies, chocolate fudge cake, cornbread and potato salad. Mom brought the collard greens, ham, and mac & cheese donated by my cousin S.

This morning at 10 am I get a message from Auntie P's daughter...saying:

"My momma said bring some sodas and ice cream"

Apparently Pam was expecting us and spent an extra $100 in food. Ok I eat like a bird...but I appreciate the gesture...So I will have to go and have Thanksgiving again 2moro....

Communication is so important people!!!!!!!! I have had the same cell number for almost 4 years...and a house phone with an answering machine and email...jeez!!!!!

I miss the shit out of C! Our holiday feasts always went off without a hitch...cause we planned ish!!!...I miss her...I really do...

But my food was so damn good...I'm glad I didn't go anywhere else...

How was your turkey day?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Time To Hide The Porn

My boy Prodigal Sun sparked a topic that's been brewing and fermenting in my brain for a minute now...


If you don't watch or enjoy Porn...this isn't the post for you. Please skip down and enjoy a trip through my archives...

The first videos I ever got were from my mother's girlfriend. She was moving and had decided to get rid of all her video tapes. She said "Diva, take whatever you want"...and you know a nucca love some free ish! I looked through the box and saw the title of the first tape in the box.



Could this be?

An actual copy of the famed movie that I had heard whispers about for years? Oh yeah...I'm keeping this one. I shuffled around in the box and saw names like John Holmes (that white man was incredible) and Vanessa Del Rio(she lived around the corner from me in Harlem....I never could look at her the same LOL). I yelled to my mom's friend, "I'm keeping the box". The giggles that erupted from the kitchen were deafening! I sat down with a box of Crunch a Munch and watched 3 tapes in one sitting. If you know anything about 70's porn...they had plots and storylines and somebody was always driving somewhere, eating up film time, but providing a nice scenic backdrop of the California countryside LOL...the films were at least an hour and a half.

(if you haven't seen them....get a copy...they are more comedy than porn)

I also remember the first time I bought a tape. I wore a grey trenchcoat with hat and waited until the street was empty before I entered. No shades cause I had to be able to see the perverts lurking...I ran to the section I wanted and picked up 3 tapes. The Arab man asked if I wanted batteries...I looked at him like he was retarded. I said "These tapes come with equipment?" He quickly shook his head and bagged up my 3 for 10 in a matte black paper sack. I then jumped on the train for the hour ride home...Watching everyone...trusting noone LOL

Most of my tapes are gone now...stolen by ex-boyfriends or male relatives who come over for THANKSGIVING!!!!(they promise to return them...but u know how it goes)..I still have a tiny collection. And I think somebody's been watching them......

It's not that the tapes have been rewinded or forwarded...but who really remembers where they stopped the tape? (I do)...Most of my stuff is on the computer anyway...But the tapes have all disappeared...

I couldn't figure it out...Did they walk out? Did my religious neighbor throw them in the garbage when she watched my kids as I drove to the store to get Similac for her in the damn rain???? (And I was ready to let her have it)

I decided to ask my honey...I was nervous as me porn is like a window in a person's sexual soul. I will admit to checking out a dude's porn covertly while he's in the bathroom or something....if you see a cover like "Golden Showers with Amber Rain"...You know u better hit the door...unless you like that sort of thing....So if my honey had indeed watched them...then he would really see my prefrences or fetishes or hell even some fantasies..And if he had in fact watched it and thrown it away in some sort of macho "My woman don't need to watch no ish like this"...I knew there would be problems and I didn't know if I was ready to face it...

He said, "Oh yeah baby, I put those away...the girls know how to work the VCR and I saw them laying about when I was putting up the drapes in your bedroom...well I just thought it best I stash them...I put them in your crochetbox with the yarn"

*Sigh* He's the greatest!

How cool...I had forgotten all about the girls...I shudder to think of them slipping in one of those videos...can you hear them? "Oh the blue tape is for Blues Clues"...LORD HAVE MERCY!!!

So my friends...put away the porn...Thanksgiving is upon us and litle Ray Ray and Shequeya will be running around while everybody's struggling with nucca-itis and gabbing like they aint seen each other since the Labor Day BBQ...You don't want them childrens exposed to your sexual freakiniess!!!!!

Learn from the Diva!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

It's My Anniversary

That's right it's been a year...

Time has certainly flown hasn't it?

I've done so much learning....debating....healing....This blog has been great therapy

I started out this blog with this simple post:

So now I'm "blogging". Should be interesting. Lord knows I have a lot to say. Now you know who will have a lot of fodder to argue with me about.

Y B N V S?

Have I had a lot to say? Hell yeah!

Diva on Politics:
I started out with this post....US/Brazil connections

Iraq's oil which is still pretty relevant...

then I thought about "Where's the Money" ....Something we should all be wondering...

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We don't have to....

I've had times when I've been downright emotional:

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and nonchalant when I had no reason to be:

Somethings aren't always what they seem

I have taken stands

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Sometimes you need a little cock

and sometimes lost my damn mind LOL

Evicted Hawks/Central Park
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exposed my poetry

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But most importantly...shared my intense love for music

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Prospects were dumped:

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Friends too...

The Light

I spent the summer celibate:

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It's been a great year.....Thank you for listening....

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

20 bits on the Vibe awards 05....

We join our 20 Bits Already in Progress

2. Terrance Howard is foine!

3. I guess Ciara ain't winning nothing tonight....

4. How much bling is Pharell working with...I guess he invested in Diamonds..

5. Keyshia Cole done worked out her hair problems...She musta got a new stylist...

6. How boring...

7. Why did I bother watching this? I don't ever buy the magazine...

8. How funny that I did a Best of Mary CD right when she gets a Lifetime achievement award...Yall some lucky listeners LOL

9. I wore that Equestrian/Riding Outfit Mary J Blige had on back in the eighties...Those were about 70 bucks..and the sides of the pants were stiff...remember...LOL ...girlfriend had the hat on too...her husband looked like he should have been holding the reins to her

10. Kiki/Kimora Lee really needs to stop it...She does look like Puffy's momma now...

11. Young Jeezy acceptin the award for?....who was the chick in the white with the fur muff and gold tooth...That award was certainly for the hood..

12. Rhianna's forehead is humugioneous

13. Chris Brown's performance was hands down the F-ING best part of the show...The way I dropped it on that song? I loved the Nikes...the way he got crunk...MILK AND F-ING COOOOKIES... Then little Juelz Santana? DIP SET DIP SET (sorry that's the Harlem in me)...boy...I'm sweatin...that was awesome LOL...

14. I now want a pop off between Omarion and Chris Brown...screw Ursher...MILK AND COOKIES!!!!!!

15. I Love me some TI in black Ann Rice...Vampire Lestat-ish

16. I have a new respect for Paul Wall after his performance...that shit with Mike Jones was actually hot...and I hate swisha LOL

17. Why did one of those Black Eye Peas boys come out in one of the booty sweatsuits the hispanic girls in my neighborhood favor? Ok what I mean by Booty sweatsuit is you have some kind of writing in script saying "Luscious" or "Angel" across your butt...His was a kind of pink mauve? I don't care if you are bisexual...i can't take that type of cross dressing LMAO.....

18. I kept hoping the man with the flag jumping around would catch Damian Marley with one of his swings LMAO...that man got paid to jump around and wave the Jamaican wan dat job mahn....Smoke a spliff and wave de flag mahn....Good Times..Jamaica Jamaica

19. I'm getting sick of Mariah again (gasp)(I actually said that out loud?)

20. I like Georgia...LOL...I'm still undecided about Ludacris...the Confederate flag suit??? I'm still working that one out...maybe u ATL'ers can help me.....

What did I miss?

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Ladylee...I swear...she keeps me on my toes...Although I had to take a little impromtu vacation from blogging...she posted a piece about an old mixtape she found containing Mary J Blige's oldies.... and even though I read her post so late (sorry girl ;) ) ... This starts my new outlook for my blog...I think I'll be focusing on music and news...I don't think I'll be posting too much personal ish anymore...but if I'll be on the weekend or on my secret blog....

Today, as me and my new/old honey performed some home improvements around the house...I threw this list together...I'm sure I posted it before...but I didn't have the radio blog...So here it is...

My Mary Favorites!!!! (click for the radio blog LOL) And LadyLee...I prefer the old crackhead Mary too...LOL...and as a DJ I am a big fan of the remix! Pun with my honey...remixes are sometimes better than the original version LOL


1. Family Affairs....
2. Love At First Sight
3. You Don't Have To Worry (Remix)
4. Real Love (Remix)
5. Love No Limit
6. Reminisce
7. You Bring Me Joy
8. Not Today
9. I Can Love You
10. Be Happy (Bad Boy Remix)
11. Everday It Rains
12. Changes I've Been Going Through
13. I'm Going Down (remix)
14. No More Drama Remix
15. Rainy Days
16. You Are My Everything
17. Our Love
18. Sweet Thing
19. I'm Going Down
20. Not Gon' Cry
21. Your Child
22. My Life
23. Mary's Joint
24. George Michael & Mary J Blige - As

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I'm Happy

I'm not gonna say much more than that...but I can say that with sincerity....and that is saying alot.

Be back soon...hopefully Sunday or Monday...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Paris is Burning

By now, hopefully many of you have heard about the riots that have been taking place during the last two weeks. France has a big problem. But it’s no different from the issues that have been facing the US for many years. It’s not new…in fact it has been brewing since colonialization….

There were two types of colonialization practices of Africa performed by the Europeans. Indirect Rule and Direct Rule. Under the indirect rule practiced by the British and Dutch, Africans were placed in charge of their own governments. Puppets of course, but inclusion into British society was never an option. English and Dutch Africans remained on the periphery of these societies.

France practiced Direct Rule. This was unique in that France claimed that they were accepting the Africans into their society. French was immediately established as the official languages in their colonies, and French practices were held in the highest esteem amongst the people. The Africans truly believed they were French.

After WWII, when France was demolished by Germany, they then invited many of the French Africans (From North Africa and lower), to come to France to rebuild their country. (Also done by England with the Caribbean natives) France constructed approximately 300 tall housing structures in different communities in the suburbs of it’s major cities, including Paris, to house the new immigrants of Moslem and African descent.

Herein lies the problem. Is this starting to sound familiar to anyone?

THEY BUILT PROJECTS…STUCK THEM FOLKS IN IT AND LEFT THEY ASSES THERE! (sorry I had to say that in plain old English)

The first generation immigrants were content with the living situation it seems. They had jobs, access to education and technology that was unavailable in their natives countries in Africa. These people had children, and then their children had children. All cooped up in these ghettos that had been formed for them. The jobs previously held by their parents, for the next generation had dried up. The rebuilding long past, and with that the unemployment rates for the Africans in these communities is now at a whopping 40%. That means nearly half of the inhabitants of these ghettos do not work. The males of these communities are the hardest hit by this statistic. In America, we are all too aware what happens to minority men when they are left with no jobs or a way to survive. In French ghettos, there is also high crime, drug dealing and youth are exclusively listening to rap music and assuming gangsta mentalities.

France has further deepened the problem by neglecting to provide training programs for the youths in these ghettos. They haven’t upgraded these projects since they built them back in the 1940’s. It is not hard to imagine what these projects now look like. In addition, there are no afterschool programs or Pre-K or K classes. The children are poorly educated and as a result have no hope for continuing their education or obtaining jobs that pay enough for them to leave the ghettos. The French Interior Minister (who has a great chance at becoming president) calls these children "Scum". Instead of rectifying the racism, he intends to propogate it by sending in more police. Did he not learn anything from America's bouts with the water hoses?

For all of France’s posturing that racism and discrimination doesn’t exist in French society, it is all too apparent that ignoring the problem does not make it disappear. These 2nd and 3rd generation French Africans do not feel included in French Society at all. Even though there are 5 million Muslins in France, yet there are no Muslims in French government. At all. When these people go to apply for jobs, they are turned away because of race or religion. We cannot forget that very recently the French banned religious head coverings in all public venues, such as schools and work areas. For some Muslim women, this forces them to uncover themselves when trying to carry out the normal activities of their day.

The current riots began on October 27th. That’s right. 2 weeks ago. Three youths thought that the police were chasing them, they ran into a relay station and 2 were electrocuted. It was only on Saturday that CNN, FOX, and MSNBC began running regular coverage on the story. 2000 cars have been burned and the incidents are not limited to one area. Violence and arson is popping up quicker than a California forest fire. France however, clings to its belief that once newcomers arrive, they are officially French and do not need special treatment to guarantee equality. This is a serious mistake.

I have been following this story for over a week. I knew it was time to make sure that I included my political thoughts…as well as all these personal ones. Taking “Post Colonial African Politics” in the summer, also opened my eyes to the effects of colonialization.

That’s why my next piece will be about the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). It is deeper than they want you to believe….

Sunday, November 06, 2005


I did this months ago...Kinda in conjunction with Jadakiss' song (can we call it a song? Isn't it a rap? But then that sounds weird too...Somebody enlighten me)

The above picture is of Me, C and Club Buddy Jay...7/15/03....We had just seen Kindred The Family Soul at Le Bar Bat....(place always gets shut down) We had been downstairs in the Bat Cave...dancing in that hot sweaty basement...But as you can see...we had a ball...Jay is soo funny...C had to let out a belly laugh...Shiiit...that man made me sweat out my weave something awful......but I had to give yall a visual....U'll see later in the WHY???


1. did it feel so good to stay in bed all day Saturday? Because my ass partied all night Friday. Well not all night...My old ass needs to be in bed by at least 4...But I went to karaoke at a new spot with Ellis...I won't lie...Str8 DIVA....Thigh high with ruffles...corset shirt...All black topped off with a lavender fur (rabbit) jacket...Don't murder me...I didn't take the camera....But it was hot...I went over to my spot afterwards...and wouldn't you know they were having a Mel'issa Morgan listening party/ mini Concert...I was like BET! I didn't expect to do much dancing...As a matter of fact...Brenden...That fine ass bartender(that's an old pic)...said I looked too pretty to be there (again...why have I never said yes to him?)...He was right...but I had a few Chivas Regals...and mellowed out...Walked around and ran into.....Club Buddy Jay...

2. (insert the why) do my club buddies and I always yearn for more? I met Jay while in a relationship with the Angry Dwarf...Jay was/is fine...I was dancing on the side with Lyn and he was dancing alone...dressed in an off white suit...brown and beautiful..with slanted eyes and beautiful shock of curly black hair..(he's from Belize)...Our eyes met and he asked me to dance...He's about 5'8", but a muscular type of slender....I took his hand and we went out into the almost empty dance floor...It was during the old school portion but it was perfectly fine with me....Oh we moved so well together.....We sat and talked over drinks....he and I both pouring out our frustrations with our respective relationships. That night we felt as if something special happened....Alas...I was not ready to leave the AD...So we contained ourselves to just dancing and talking on those occasions we would both be in the same hanky-panky...But knowing what I know now about the dwarf .... in the words of Keyshia Cole...I SHOULD HAVE CHEATED!!!!! But I'm a good girl...Anyways....

3. (Y)? did I dance with him all night again?...I haven't seen him in almost 2 years but it was just like we first met 4 years ago....the synchronicity...the laughter...he can get aggressive...and I dogged my share of kisses....We looked so good together...Please don't be mad I didn't have the camera!!!....and it felt so comfortable with him...Jay always gripes about keeping my eyes on him....I don't like to gaze in the face while I'm dancing...causes too much dancing...feeling good...looking into each other's eyes?...Then BAM...Next thing you know I'm considering this man as a potential partner...Nope...I know how the game goes...but..

4. didn't I just go with the flow? I mean I'm single now...he's single...What's stopping me now? I guess after Harlem...I had to really cool my jets....I can't chance having to play games with anyone....I have a lot to focus on now ...with the move and school...Graduation in 5 weeks...Did I really want to pick up something new? the Jones girl song goes..."We danced and danced"...and I bid him adieu.....but

5. was Mel'issa Morgan so damn good? The girl can blow....And she looked quite good...her First song was Fool's Paradise....I screamed so was all Jay could do to contain me LOL...Actually he said..."Go 'head baby...sing with her...I know how you feel about her songs.." LOL and he does...I mean we have danced with each other over 50 he would def know :) She sang some new cuts on the album(which I have included for yall on the radio blog for tomorrow) and then Freddie Jackson came out.....Lord have mercy

6. did Freddie look so strange? He lost a lot of weight...and was humping Mel'issa on the stage...yall really had to see that shit! Then she got to her last song...

7. did I want to kill myself for not having the camera??? She sang "Do, Me, Baby".... and swaying in time with Jay was nice...Man she really does sound just like the record...No change in her voice....Sigh...It was nice....So nice that I broke my longstanding rule and gave Jay a kiss...Nothing serious...Just a quick peck...His eyes popped open so wide...then we spent an hour in the reggae room...He loves reggae...and believe me...I put it on him...Nookie Nookie LOL....then I noticed an ex-club buddy lurking around....intentionally not looking at us....

8. did I then take Jay up to the stage? I'm a stage dancer...but usually solo....We danced along the back wall and who came up to watch? The Lurker....that was fun....Funny...the song was "Goodies"...and for a brief moment...all of my video watching took over...I mean you ladies know what to to do when you have a man up against a wall right? The Lurker stood to the side...and for another brief moment...our eyes connected...and I smiled because he and I both know...he will never get to dance with me again...and he had to stand there and be jealous...HAHA...

9. didn't I get some McDonald's on the way home? I had such a hangover Saturday morning....I left Jay at the club...with no further contact information......Even if he's single....And I can't add extra stress right now....As you can really was hard for me....I really do like him....but I'm leaving NY in 7 months and I don't want anything that's gonna try and keep me here.....Fool me once? Shame on you...Fool me twice? Shame on me!..Another one of my Grandma's sayings....I had enough of the "Shame on me" with I guess I could also say "Once bitten, twice shy".

And that my friends is my revised WHY??????

Why am I wondering if I should do a week of "Club Buddies"? LOL...So much to tell...LOL

POSTSCRIPT: He called while I was posting this...that's what i get for having the same cell number for almost 4 years...hmmm should I continue this in a part 2? lol

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hello It's Me Syndrome

*BRRRINGGGG* (well actually my phone sings "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?")

You ever got one of these phone calls?

"Hello, it's me, It's me baby
I've thought about us for a long, long time

In the last ten days...I have been contacted by every damn one of the ex-boyfriends. (Are they on the same fucking schedule?)

I call it the "Hello" syndrome. Ronald Isley was really able to convey the sentiments exactly on point in this song. Me and C were previewing the Isley Brothers radio blog Sunday and I began to wax poetically on the subject....

"Maybe I think too much but something's wrong
There's something here that doesn't last too long
Maybe I shouldn't think of you as mine

They know I'll pick up the phone...or even write back...80% of the time... with no malice...just simply wishing them well and hoping that their life is progressing..But it has become inevitable that the men that i decided to indulge in a long term relationship with...will try to contact me. This has gone on for 18 years. Don't matter if I move...change numbers...hell even change my identity...It doesn't work. They find me...

"Seeing you
Or seeing anything as much as I do you
I take for granted that you're always there
I take for granted that you just don't care
Sometimes I can't help seeing all the way through

The only ex who still has the authority to call is my ex-husband. But my ex bofriends know my nature. I don't stay mad long. I don't hold grudges either (Except for Ms.RW..I aint letting that go ever!) So they use that against me...and call..or write. I'm usually flattered...I mean Soldier Boy from 20 years ago still manages to sing the above song...from active duty Iraq (got a call last week).

But see... you have to continue through the lyrics...

With the communication...they will try to get a foot in the door..."Oh you're single".. "Wow for that long?" "HMMM"

"It's important to me that you know you are free
'Cause I never want to make you change for me

They stress how wonderful a person I am/was...think that the buttering up will prepare me for what's coming next...

"Think of me
You know that I'd be with you if I could
I'll come around to see you once in a while
Or if I ever need a reason to smile
And spend the night if you think I should

The Lion actually tried this on Monday.(I told yall the Lion would be prowling around my door come wintertime...I swear I'm psychic LOL) He was shot down quicker than Diallo (ok maybe that was a bad reference) But they know they really don't want nothing ...a night of passion? A brief re-kindling of the fire that burned between us? Maybe a night curled up on my couch watching TV in that familiar way we may have once had...with a plate of my good food in their stomach....Either way...they assume that my singleness equals lonliness...

That's a mistaken equation...

I dont have to be single...I chose to be...I refuse to settle...I've received enough stripes by the "Love Lash" to have earned that right. I honestly feel like "If you ain't right for me? NEXT! Please step out of the mf-ing way and don't waste my time"....I told yall I wasn't playing...

The ex boyfriends remember how easy it felt while they were with me...and the type of attention they got....What they fail to realize is that I'm done with looking behind me...I have been for quite sometime...years in fact. What they have now become are "Faded pictures in a broken glass".....

And I want everything new from now on...New life, new school, new place, new car and new dick...sorry to put it that bluntly...but it's true...

I'm not ever going to dip back into my past again...because as my grandmother put it:

"When you shit in the don't go back and get it do you? Leave that shit in there and flush him! "

I always thought Grandma was crazy...Why on earth would she say that? But now I truly understand the wisdom in this crude reference...And I am so glad for that... If I have already purged you out of my system...why pick you back up knowing that you are useless to me? That means I didn't learn anything from my experience with you and I'm like a child playing with shit...

So as with the Lion on response to the rest of the "Hello, It's Me" niggas is going to remain

"Oh thanks for checking up on me...but I have to do________, Take care"


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