Saturday, May 28, 2005

Show me Yours Mutherf&!%*@!!!!

So how do I bring out the me nobody sees
The forest for the trees, how ’bout the woman behind the weave
The light from within this life is the only real remedy
Or find the reflection you see to be so damn unpretty
” Left Eye

How it used to be

I thought about a quote to use to start off the blog I have been rehashing in my brain all week. I did the NESS DIGI show on WHCR 90.3FM this week and I have been trying pull myself back together since. DJ Diva’s going into the studio without a nap means that she was up for a total of 28 hours. Wow…So you know I must love it right?

This week’s show contained some new music along with two very interesting discussions. One topic was Porno Rap. Has HipHop pushed the envelope too far with combining sex with the music? You would have to be an idiot not to see how the industry is promoting the rap/sex marriage. However, as discussed in last week’s show, the females in the industry have had to conform to those stereotypes presented in the male rap songs and videos. When I thought long and hard about it, I decided that I couldn’t make such a statement without evidence. I decided to track the subject through visual progression to illustrate my point. I chose Salt and Pepa. In the area of female rap, I would say that they had the longest history in the game and although their careers are pretty much done (as 40 year old females in the rap game?), and with 7 albums, Queen Latifah might the only other female rapper who has surpassed them in terms of actual albums produced. Point being? I chose Salt and Pepa to show the progression of the effect that the introduction of sex into HipHop has impacted the image of female rappers. And this is what I found:

How it used to be

We have the pic that you started with above. The mid 80’s was a strange time of acid wash and high white socks. You wouldn’t dare show any cleavage. Your momma would murder you. Then came Lycra!

Lycra was very risqué

My mother lost her mind when I bought a pair of biker shorts. “You got your whole ass hanging out! People can see every nook and cranny!” I would wear a big t-shirt and as soon as I got outside…tuck that bad boy in!

Bra tops, short skirts, long boots....exposing more

Skin was shown. A little flash here and there. Mom made sure I wore shorts underneath. I really dug this look.

Dammit....let it all hang out

At the end of their careers, they must show it all to even be noticed. They look good though! it's just too much...

Ok Ok…it ain’t all HipHop’s fault…but when faced the progression…it does seem strange that it happened so quickly within 15 years. Sure, sure it was SNP’s choice to bare all…and they didn’t have to do it. Or did they? I don’t how you feel, but to me? Remy Martin looks like Magilla Gorilla. Put a weave on her and some pumpum shorts and she’s finally good enough to be in a video. KIM, EVE, and FOXY came along during the 90’s when sex was really taking hold on the rap psyche and although it was acceptable to be half naked, we all said Diana Ross was right when she flipped KIM’s titty. Shouldn’t have been out in the first place! Same to you Janet!

So how come exposing body parts haven’t applied to the man side? Heaven Forbid. These nuccas is hardcore and they aint gonna be showing stuff. You know what I’d like to see? More of these male rappers with their ish hanging out. Maybe that why I love 50 Cent.

All I want is a Lil Bit

I can believe that a lot of women wanna do him...on the other hand...the rest of yall? I can't believe the hype you guys are pushing.

I mean it was certainly Eyecandy to see him doing sit-ups. More men need to try it. Hold them accountable for the fact that we are constantly exposed to their desires and fantasies, which they so eagerly display. I WANT RECIPROCITY!!! (Didn’t Lauren Hill say that?) It ain’t fair that I don’t get to see what you have, but you can blast my body parts all over the airwaves.

We do get to see a lot of Nelly..

I ain't got no milk...but I would sure pump some!

Nelly may not be accepted by the "legitimate" rap community...but given the fact he makes overly sexual least he shows his body as well...

My challenge to these egotistical and chauvinistically charged rap artists: Put up or shut up! If you feel like you just that fly and I should believe that these half naked women fawning all over you in a video are true representations of what's going on in your real life, help me to believe that by showing me what you got! Cause according to majority of the reports…you guys ain’t got that much money due to the Faustian deals you sign with these cutthroat labels, most of you guys don’t have the looks, and intelligent conversations would definitely be lacking since most of you can only speak in rhymes! Must be the body.. or the package...

So show me Mutherf&%#^! Show Me!

Now all you sucker MC’s
Who think you’re fly
There’s got to be a reason
And we know the reason why.
You try to put on these airs
and act real cool
but you've got to realize
that you're acting like fools

Dang, I went on a rant didn’t I?

I gotta go...according to the twins "MADAGASCAR is playing everywhere" and they can't miss it! I'll hit you back with the actual transcript of the radio show.

Playlist for the Ranting and Raving

Love Overboard – Gladys Knight and the Pips
Looking For A New Love – Jody Watley
Can’t Wait - New Shooz
Loosey’s Rap – Rick James (Bitch) and Roxanne Shante
She’s playing hard to get – Hi-Five
My Fantasy – Guy
Alphabet Street – Prince
I Love You Babe – Babyface
Slow Down – Loose Ends
Somebody Else's Guy - Jocelyn Brown
No Scrubs - TLC

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