Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Snoop Dogg to talk about weed at Oxford University

damn that's a long one

Snoop Dogg is supposed to give a talk on the harmful effects of drugs at Oxford University.

U stopped laughing yet?

Let me give u a moment to compose yourself and then read the quote:

The long time chronic smoker is set to speak to Oxford students' about dangers of drugs. According to Oxford insiders, the Doggfather won't be on hand to glorify drug use. Instead, the lanky rapper will spark a debate on the consequences of drug use. Snoop is following in the footsteps of Michael Jackson; the Gloved One once treated Oxford students to a speech about family and love.

I love Snoop to death...but he can't be serious.

I now wonder about the credibility of Oxford...

Clinton went there and didn't inhale...

Snoop definitely does

Ok...U can start laughing again...Cause it's ludacris

They need to legalize it already!

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