Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me/ Happy Easter to you

Yes my birthday was on Easter this year. I spent the day in church and with the twins. What a wonderful day for my birthday to fall on this year!

I have new cds listed on the DJ DIVA Reviews page.

I should be going to the Den tonight to read some more poetry and here is my latest creation. I hope you like it. It comes from a deep place in my heart and even though Joe doesn't read my blog...I'll read it to him when he comes home....

Leave the Light On

“Leave the light on!”
I shudder as I think of me
And all the things u might see
Wrinkles where a smooth face
Used to be

“Baby, Leave the light on!”
My breasts once firm and perky
Now soft, pliable and honestly?
They been looking kind of droopy

“Girl, Leave the light on!”
I carried twins and though I know
That there are no stretch marks to show
On my stomach or my waist
But wait till he turns me over on my face

“Dammit I said leave the light on!”
Now I have to show my biggest scar
The one I had been most afraid of so far
The 3rd degree burns that stretch from my ass to my back
When some psycho decided to attack
And burn half of my mother’s body
And stole my chance at being a hottie

Most of the time I forget
Because I never see it
But when making love I am sharply aware
And wondering if he will be able to bear
Seeing the violence that was done to my ass
While I was being held in my mother’s grasp

He traced and kissed my vertebrae
He leaned and whispered “Baby
Some people have worse scars on the inside
That they can’t even try to hide"

He wanted the light on
All my fears are gone
and I will always love him
Because he wanted the light on

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