Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cheaters/ A New Poem


I always thought we were meant to be
but once again you left me
you left me once, you left me twice
you left me a third time
but I still wish you were mine

God! I loved you with all I had
why did you have to hurt me so bad?
I was always there for you,
whenever you needed me
but I guess you didn’t see
I always thought you were the best
from all the rest
why didn’t I see
what you were doin to me?

You led me on
all along
never did I know you would break my heart
but once you did I fell apart
You left me once again
not even callin me every now and then

What did they have
that made you treat ME so bad?
Were they better in bed?
Did they give you better head?
Were they prettier than me?
What is it that you see?

Why did you leave me so far behind?
Why do you do this all the time?
No more can I take you back
You will have to stay right where you’re at
You will never get anywhere in life
and especially won’t ever have a wife
No one will ever want a cheater
No one will ever want a liar
and if they did
they’d know just who to hire

Sorry it had to end like this
I am sure you already have a backup list
One day you will realize
What you have done to me?
Wasn’t so wise
U see Life has a this little glitch
It’s called

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