Monday, February 14, 2005

New Poem "A New Valentine"

Happy V Day everybody!!!!

Ok...yes I am happy today. I'm about to go out to dinner with my new friend.

Even though he brought me all the necessary items for the occasion, the only thing he requested was a poem. I wrote one and here it is...

Hope you like it!!!!!

A New Valentine

I am the Ice Queen in the club
I tend to dance alone
For I want no man to rub
My body and begin to emit moans

I get into my groove
Countless players and fools
Try to entice me to move
With them, but I don’t lose my cool

One man continues to ask
I do not want to dance with him
But this concept he just does not grasp
I look at you and step out on a limb

You looked so inviting
Your smile so sure
I thought “This might be exciting,
Let me dance with him some more”

Your hands around my waist
We grind slow
The DJ picks up the pace
And now my name you need to know

The info exchange reveals we’re close
It almost makes us giddy
How is it possible that we are both
So near in the exact same city?

Our first jitters calmed
I start to feel your breath
As I settle into your arms
And your lips caress my neck

My nerves are on fire
I’m feeling thrilled
Are you what I desire?
Will my needs be fulfilled?

The night is done
Its over too soon
Over the horizon will come the sun
Gone for us, that lover’s moon

“Please come”, you said, “Make some time
I’ll make a wonderful dinner on that 14th day
Given a chance, I know you’ll be mine”
The ice melted and I said “...OK...”

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