Sunday, December 19, 2004

I'm gonna miss HBO's The Wire

Boy they really got me!...Where do I start first? Let's just say that it was terrible Bunny had to get shafted like that. The fact is legalizing drugs might actually be beneficial to urban centers. The recitivism rate among black drug dealers is over 80%. I should know, my brother is in the pen again for same bullshit. Quarantine all those fools! Those that want to sell and those that want to buy should be sectioned off where they don't interfere with the rest of humanity! Think about how the other neighborhoods benefited when Bunny created "Hamsterdam".

But my boy Avon...Whew...It was time. Once the brain was gone (Stringer Bell), the body (Avon) was doomed to failure.

Best moment of the night: Avon turns around...His sister left the courtroom and who pulls into a seat but Marlowe. (Fitting name for those of you who know about the English Renaissance) How could Avon have felt when he saw him? Wow...Nice move!

My list of bad points about the last episode:

1. Nasty Ass Kima- gratuitous lesbian sex thrown in for the male population. It just goes to prove that being with a bitch is as bad as dealing with a man. They both will cheat!

2. The Lieutenant (now Major) and the DA- Come on man! That whole relationship just feels contrived. Not to mention the DA is the police department whore...Next season I hope his wife finds out and makes his life miserable!

3.Bubbles White Dope Fiend Friend-He's so insignificant that I don't even remember his name. And the poor thing overdosed was chewed in by rats...BooHoo...Wasn't he the dumb ass that let go of the shopping cart? That's how we met Marlowe...So I guess he served his purpose...

Great Show...Sorry to see it Go...Make sure U bring it back HBO!

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