Sunday, December 12, 2004

Mr. Kerik/NannyGate

I'm so glad his dirty laundry appeared. Why these fools keep thinking they hire illegal immigrants for low pay...don't pay taxes and always ready to deport a person. It goes deeper than this...I just watched an expose showing that when he was the commissioner of Corrections...he had a girlfriend ...And she was a correction officer(uniform folks get around), Seems that every time Ms. Thang had a problem ...she calls her man and he shafted a coupla Correction captains out of promotion. 2 lawsuits. One settled out of is current. Wow...Seems like men will do anything for the chick on the side LOL

Also a very good connection. Guliani is the one who referred Kerik and put him on the short list for the nomination. Guliani just opens up a big money group on Wall Street...Kerik in power to hand off contracts...Seems like a perfect deal..Uh Oh...Kerik gets booted...Guliani calls a press conference? For what except to cover his own behind. He been to Kerik's house...He saw the illegal nanny...Lord.... watching the news is almost as good as watching The Wire!

For those of you who have seen it ...I shed a tear when Omar and the Muslim killed Stringer Bell together.

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