Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Fool #1

I realize that I may have to start documenting truly foolish behaviors and conversations. Have you ever stood in line somewhere and heard the most retarded conversation? Where you had to turn your whole body around and laugh because you didn't want the speaking party to be offended and God Forbid the person slices you or something because he or she may not recognize the magnitude of their stupidity.

Fool #1

While waiting on the long ass line at the Bronx Family Court, outmaneuvering my ex husband once again, I happened to hear a discussion on what not to bring to court. I was happy that for once, I went through my pocketbook and other than the soon-to-be-too-damned expensive cigarette, I was good. Stashed the rest in the glove compartment. These Spanish (I will shout out a race to show that foolishness has no color) kids were pushing a stroller and asking if they could bring a Nextel camera phone into court. Now these kids didn't look like they had a nickel between them but they had a Nextel. My life is shit! I only have T-mobile. He's going on and on because "Oh that's a $400 phone and if they don't let it in I'm not going in!" This boy went on and on. I kept a smile on my face because I know that some people attach a lot of themselves to material items. I am quite partial to my computer. But this guy took it to the limit. After 10 mins of phone discussion and other court attendees assuring the boy that the phone was alright he calmed down. Two seconds later when we reach the door this fool goes, "Oh do they search pockets cause I have this blunt in this one." Now if the fool had drugs in his possession, shouldn't he have been more paranoid about catching a charge, going into family court to pick up a teenage drug dealer prisoner from Spotford than a goddamned cell phone?

Maybe its me...I shouldn't listen in...but I turned around and almost died trying to keep the laughter in. What a Dumb Ass!

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