Monday, November 22, 2004


I will admit I have been trying to avoid the whole Artest story. I have liked him since he was at St. John's but I could always see a mean streak in him. He was still my boy though! I watched the NBA draft that year he left school so I could watch his face when he got selected. I was soo happy for him. Then the fights began. Now this! I am not shocked. Those fans spend $200 and up just so they could sit behind the players and shout nasty obscenities at them all night. The sportcasters won't put microphones by the players because national T.V. can't afford to have the slurs, insults and simple assaults (cup throwing) broadcasted on live T.V.

I know its gotta be hard to sit there night after night and listen to that mess when you are a part of a visiting team. In no way am I saying Artest should be given a pass for what happened, but at the same time, given the fact that he is already of a volatile nature, it was bound to happen. If it had been another player, maybe it wouldn't have been taken to that extreme level. And I do love how his boy O'Neal tried to hold him down!

Fun Fact for African Americans: Did you know that the top three Fighters in the National Hockey League are black. Funny huh?

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