Monday, November 29, 2004

Artest Revisited

It seems the police have reviewed the endless reams of videotape and found the season ticket holder who threw the chair. He's some 35 year old white dude who was so upset he had to throw something. They found him because he hit a cop. Charges. It is possible that he was just caught up in the fighting frenzy happening and wanted to add his two cents. I mean he did pay for the priviledge.

Why can't they find the fool who started it by throwing a drink on Artest. Here he is suspended without pay for 80 (lord have mercy) games and Mr. Soda Dasher walks away scot free after causing this whole mess. If I was Artest, I would find him and kick his ass for real this time!

The Pacers are apparently looking on the bright side. They are clocking the dollars they'll save by having these guys suspended.

Oh to be alive in America.

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