Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Evicted Hawks on Central Park

Ok...so I have been watching the news on these hawks. Why are people so concerned with these damn birds? As many homeless folks in New York City...and I have to be subjected to 2 minute spots on major networks lamenting about the "regal hawks flying about with no nest". What in the hell? They're birds for goodness sake! They'll fly about and make a new nest...that's how things are done in nature!
Now granted, these were some hawks with expensive taste.They wanted a view of Central Park too. However, if I spent 20 million on a penthouse on Central Park? I would have kicked their asses off my terrace too. Big nest...can't show nobody that window cause there is bird doodoo all over the place. Wouldn't be no damn discussion! They asses had to go! Period.

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