Monday, February 07, 2005

My Car Accident

By now many of you have received an email letting you know I was involved in a car accident on 1/26/05. I am making it thru the pain and the twins were not in the car ......THANK THE LORD!!!!!

I figured I'd lay out the story for you guys as time is very limited for me to call everyone who cares about me. I'm taking 7 classes this semester:

The Greek and Latin Roots of English
Inquiry Into Education
Advanced Structural English Grammar
Observing Children and Development
Detective Fiction
The Rational Animal (Philosophy)
Publishing Books for Young Readers

So you can imagine my days are crazy with all of these classes and physical therapy everyday...and I'm still the mother of twins so......u can understand...can't u?

Anyway onto the story:

I was headed downtown to celebrate Carmella's birthday. We were going to the Wendy Williams Comedy Show. I was traveling east on 44th Street and when I reached the intersection of 11th Ave, a yellow cab came the wrong way down a one way street and ran a red light. She hit me on the right passenger side of the car and spun my car around in a 180. I was terrified because for about one minute I couldn't feel my legs. The feeling returned although I was very shaky and I was taken to Roosevelt Hospital where I spent four hours in the ER. (Nothing like on TV)

The ER doctor had a field day with my outfit.

I still have pain in my neck, back and a large lump on my left knee from the impact...but I will make it.

I am doing better now and I really do apologize for not being able to call you all sooner.

I hope your New Year is going better than mine :)

The comments sections on the Blogs have been updated so all can feel free to leave a message.

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