Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I performed/Poem I Don't Love You

I performed tonight. With DivaTrybe at the Den in Harlem on 131st and Fifth Ave. I love Harlem!

I read some of my poetry:

A New Valentine
Ruled By Two Pussies

Ruled By Two Pussies always gets a big reaction. But then people understand where I'm coming from. Thanks Momma Raw for the inspiartion. It will be published in the Promethean this Spring.

Tonight inspired me to write a poem about my ex-husband Laquan.

I hope you like it. Single mommas will feel me.

I Don’t Love You

I don’t love you
I just get up with you twice
Every morning
Moaning and groaning
About how you don’t want to go to school

I don’t love you
I just kiss you twice
Every morning
I love you’s and hugging
While I get you washed and dressed

I don’t love you
I just make sure that twice
Homework is done each afternoon
So you can watch cartoons
And ease your day

I don’t love you
I just read to you twice
Every evening
You’re education is just beginning
And I want you to be
Twice as smart as me

I don’t love you
I just didn’t want
The two like you
To grow up like me

I don’t love you
Because for you
to beat me
In front of them
Condemned them
To be like me

My momma and daddy fought
When peace was all I sought
“Call the Police” they said
When I needed the screaming to stop in my head

I was between seven and nine
When down the stairs I would climb
And say “Please officers come quick
My momma’s beating my daddy with a stick”

I don’t love you
But I do love you
Because I divorced you
And now the two little yous
can be free
To be
Different from me

I love my girls!

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