Thursday, March 24, 2005

Terry Schiavo/ The right to life

Terry Schiavo’s life is just about over. I am so mad I could go to Florida and beg for her life.

To think that a man she may have slept with for only two years could have the right to end her life. Why does he need to put an end to her life? Because he wants to move on with his life? He already has! He has a girlfriend and 2 small children, his life has been moving forward without his needing to end Terry’s life. The fact that they do not want to expose the probate records to the State of Florida also leads me to cock an eyebrow at this situation. This man probably stands to inherit a lot of money so the best thing for him to do is starve her to death. If she was on life support, then maybe I could understand the need to pull the plug. But to remove her feeding tube? That is just horrible! You are essentially murdering her for not having a full bodied life. When is life worth living? When you have 100% brain activity? 50%? 10%? I believe that as long as you are able to take a breath, you have life.

I no longer desire to get re-married because of the recent demoralization of that sacred institution by homosexuals, however, if in fact some smooth talker convinces me to take a walk down the aisle, LET IT BE KNOWN from henceforth, that if the only thing that is wrong with me is brain damage, I can breathe on my own and my heart is beating without machines, and all I need is sustenance? NO I DO NOT WANT TO DIE!!!

Yall better jump that motherfucker too if he tries some bullshit like pulling a plug!

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