Sunday, April 17, 2005

Man passes driving test after 271 tries

I should be writing my Detective Fiction Paper on African American detective characteristics. But as usual, I am procrastinating and watching VH1's Save the Music, while contemplating if John Legend's lower lip is as juicy as it looks on tv.

What the hell is up with Mariah and wind? Everytime you see her now, it looks like a tornado is about to hit.

I am absolutely in love with Rob Thomas. I know...I always said no white mens but he is freakin hot!!!! AND he sang "Maggie" by Rod Stewart!!!! For once, a song for me...Sigh...But Rob Thomas has no rhythm whatsoever...He needs dancing lessons

Exhale.....Now I stumbled upon this little gem: This dude took the oral driving exam 271 times before he passed.

"Seo said he was preparing for his road test, and was discussing with his wife what kind of car to buy once he get his license. “Driving seems a bit hard. But after trying 271 times to pass the oral exam, what do I have to be afraid of?” Seo said."

He is 70 years old. He has no reason to be afraid...WE DO!!!

He said that he didn't know how to read, so he learned a little with each test, and after 5 years, he had the minimum amount of answers.

Probably would have been better off learning to read.

Good thing I won't be driving in Korea anytime soon.

click here for the full story

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