Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sometimes It snows in April

Well it didn't...this year...

But the rain sounded like hail...

I'm waiting up for the radio show on at 3AM...on 90.3 WCHR...for the NESSDIGI show from 3am-6am...I want to call in tonight...which means I'm pulling an all nighter

For my “Books for Young Readers” publishing class: I have the choice of writing the first chapter of a young adult novel or writing a 5 page paper on a topic of my choosing.

Now you know…at times…I can be an overachiever…I don’t kiss ass…well maybe I throw air kisses at it sometimes…but I’m feeling myself creatively…and I can organize the hell out of a paper…so what the heck? I will do both!

The creative fiction piece will be about a 17 year old who falls in love with a 24 year old correction officer…her mother is dating a 20 year old and her father is an alcoholic..they all end up at her High School graduation...

(damn u! if u know the story, keep it to yourself!!!!)

Seriously though…the professor is a highly regarded book agent..who may purchase my cross your fingers!

In order to write the damn thing…I need to go through my creative process – do homework with the twins, bathe the twins, feed the twins, wash my ass, play final fantasy 10 ( yes I still have PS1), listen to some slow jams, channel the energy swirling in my head…handle my personables (wink)

damn is the battery dead?

yeah …

now I’m ready..


You Get The Best Of Me(Say,Say,Say)- Alicia Myers
Can't U See - Total/ Notorious BIG
Smooth Criminal-Michael Jackson

Then i just switched over to ejflavors and he had a old school radio blog ready for me!

Carmella dreamt I was with “the goose”. I told her it wasn’t a dream it was a nightmare. My coochie had the same damn dream. She woke up sweating...

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