Friday, April 29, 2005

Usher's relationship advice

I was actually contemplating writing about the Source's issues with sexual harassment (which I will after I compile more information), or Foxy Brown fighting with Jackie-O (Boy Stooop...It's about be a Gurlfight! Or it was apparently)

But I came across this interesting piece of advice from Ursher:

"Every relationship I ever got into started off with 'You're the only one for me,' and then that male ego comes in."

He also offered some pearls of wisdom about traditional courtship: "Treat that woman like a lady; don't treat her like a ho just because the music says so.

"Women," he continued, "treat yourselves like ladies. Don't move like that just because the music says so."

Is he kidding me? Basically, he's preaching to the choir...

He also said that he's actively pursuing a movie career. Yeah, he's pursuing IT, because Hollywood is certainly not banging down his door to give him another role.

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