Friday, May 20, 2005


So my crazy butt stayed up again...I really meant to get some sleep...before the 3 am-6am show...but I had a final in Advanced no sleep for me!

Next week I will actually be in the studio instead of on the i hope yall listen

But here's a nice run down of what you missed and please feel free to comment on any topic you want to be heard on!

The NESS DIGI show. A radio program on WCHR 90.3, "The Voice of Harlem", where NESS DIGI, JAM-1, SKITS, Kwa-Zo and DJ DIVA (yeah, me!)discuss hip-hop related topics. Every week there are special guests. This weeks special guest was Smooth Mo, Managing Editor of "The Paper".

What a "I found his Black Assssss!" shot

Tonight's show began with a discussion about po' Dave Chappelle. But we have rehashed that to death..haven't we? But we can't stop talking about it. His DVDs are the highest selling this year...and I want more skits like the old black man who was a white supremacist. I truly believe that it's the black comedian's curse. Redd Foxx (taxes), Richard Pryor (drugs & fire), Eddie Murphy (transvestite), Martin Lawrence (running around in hot weather with an aluminum foil suit on). All of these guys seem to self-destruct and exhibit a type of hamartia. (vocabulary word-click for meaning) However, it can also be said that the black comedian can bounce back: all of the above comedians are also proof of this. But back to Dave? We are all waiting on tenterhooks for his return.

Pump or Dump List

1. Common ft. Kanye West/John Meyer "Go"- seen as a jump to the other end of the Spectrum. All on the panel unanimously pumped the song. The lyrics are tepid but the beat is hot and it is a "feel good" song. Mass appeal expected. I really enjoyed the fact that John Meyer is featured on the song. I spoke about him months ago. The song was Pumped.
2. Akon "Lonely" -Dumped-no further explanation needed. Chop Suey.
3. Mariah Carey "" NESS said that was 17 songs rolled into one..the song self-destructed and I didn't even catch the name of the song. It was bad. One of the worst cuts..I'll get the name.. No matter what, Jam 1 always humps (I mean) pumps Mariah. LOL.

Station discussion: Britney Spears' Chaotic
DJ DIVA's Commentary on Air

Britney's pitiful attempt to try and stay in the limelight. Andy Warhol said that we only get 15 minutes in the spotlight, and apparently Britney lost her watch.
TMI TMI TMI...we are really receiving too too much information about the period of time where she plotted and stole Shar Jackson's man. It was truly hard to find a reason to like her entertainment method. She is not the greatest singer, her dancing is what makes her an entertainer?

NESS said " We got to see her untalented self on channel 9 with no make-up and receiving hair extensions..She's a performer who can't sing or dance."

SKITS "her rise to fame came about because her clothing started to disappear."

NESS and SKITS got into a heated discussion about the comparison of Britney Spears vs. P.Diddy as entertainers or performers

MO "she has some degree of talent, however small, and this appeals to those consumers who like her music."

JaRule ft. Mary J Blige "These Streets Done Raised Me" - BORING...we are finally so over Ja Rule at this point.

Nighty night

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