Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dave Chappelle Retreats

Dave Floating High

Sorry, the weekend is over. I actually spent it at the home stewing in my creative juices. I also worked on a new cd. The theme is “Crush”. Butterflies…Smiles for no reason…Chest tightening…Juices flowing..The playlist is below. Now on to the main reason for the post.

So Dave Chappelle is ok!
Comedian Dave Chappelle wants to set things straight: "I'm not crazy, I'm not smoking crack,"

Well thank God!
"I'm definitely stressed out," said Chappelle, who took off last month to South Africa for a "spiritual retreat," leaving his fans — and even his agent and publicist — wondering where he went.
What was he stressed out about?
"There's a lot of resistance to my opinions, so I decided, 'Let me remove myself from this situation,'" Chappelle said.
Comedy Central president Doug Herzog told Time that the star has "complete creative freedom." He has told staff he believes there won't be a "Chappelle's Show" in 2005, but leaves the option open for the comedian's return.

Well hopefully he’ll return to us.

Complete article here.

Crush (My soundtrack for the week of 5/15/05

1. Aretha Franklin - Day Dreaming
2. Common - The Light
3. Amerie ft Ludacris - Why Dont We Fall In Love Remix
4. SWV - I'm So Into You
5. Beyonce and Jay-Z - Crazy In Love
6. Ludacris - Whats Your Fantasy
7. Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover
8. Pharell Feat. Jay-Z - Frontin
9. Beyonce ft. Sean Paul - Baby boy
10. Maxwell - Sumthin' Sumthin'
11. Stevie Wonder - All i do
12. Anthony Hamilton - Since I Seen't You
13. Jodeci - Feenin'
14. Floetry - Say Yes
15. Avant - Dont Say No Just Say Yes
16. Janet Jackson - Anytime Anywhere
17. Luther Vandross - If Only for One Night

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