Thursday, May 05, 2005

Pumps and a Dump

Divas Unite!!!

Carmella (seen above as Conchita from Memphis) wanted a blog piece about the radio show on 90.3FM.

I stay up all Wednesday night from 3-6am. Why? What else I have to do?

Nah.. Seriously though, it’s an interesting show where NESS DIGI, Skizzle and Jam 1 play new joints, critique the songs and break down beats. I call in and give my opinion. I’m usually the only female but I tend to agree with my boys… Conversations from the paper office usually spill onto the show…so it can at times seem like an ongoing conversation we may have had at lunch.

He opened with Common’s “The Light”…which took me back for a min…

Critiqued songs

The Game ft Mary “Like it or Love it” Remix (my comment- Nice to hear real hip hop from Mary on that beat…that song should have been hers from jump)

Amerie “Not the only one” somehow the conversation turned to her in pumpum shorts..nevertheless the song was dumped by all on the panel..

Brooke Valentine “Girlfight” – (my opinion) Song absolutely suited for the male fantasy side: they stopped the song midway. Dumped. NESS said “If anybody in here likes that song just leave now…All trash”

Jaheim and Jadakiss “Everytime” DUMPED

Keyshia Coles ft Alicia Keyes – “I Just Want It To Be Over” Pumped

Faith Evans ft Ghostface– “Again” remix Pumped

Then I got tired…and had to call it a night.

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