Monday, August 29, 2005

20 Bits on the VMA's/ Mixtape Mondays

I had a nice weekend. I have to come up with a new name...I'm leaning toward "Harlem".

Please read the disclaimer above. Club Diva allows GENTLEMENS ONLY...Needed to shine some "light" on that...

I begin my Graduate classes today. I'm psyched!

Check out Mixtape Mondays on DJ Diva Reviews. I had to take it back to the 90's. Try not to snap your neck thinking about it. and yes these songs can be yours...Holla!

I had to do 20 Bits on the VMA's. This year it was hosted by Puffy, or P. Diddy...or whatever the F he's calling himself now... I've done 20 Bits before.....remember?

Diva's 20 Bits

1. I love my new couch. I get to enjoy the surround-sound and big screen now. Yeah Babeee…
2. Diddy is not funny. Diddy cannot dance.
3. Sean Combs from Esplanade Gardens on 146th Street really needs to stop it! His boys are already emulating their father.
4. Bring back Beavis & Butthead! “I am Cornolio…welcome to my bunghole” …hehehehe
5. It was nice to see Alicia Keys, Ursher and them Black Eye Peas stand up for Hammer. Hammer tried to work it out. Hammer's gonna need one of them Ben Gay patches (I want one too.)
6. The mens looked nice. Dressed up.But they all looked like versions of Kanye West. Except for Don Juan…he needs the pimp gear back.
7. R Kelly is crazy as a loon. Chuck, Rufus and Kathy. Why did we need a new chapter?
8. I like The Killers. I put them on my White Birthday mix LOL. Black folks used their performance as a bathroom break LOL. I must have a thing for lead singers who wear black eyeliner. Green Day, Prince, Kanye…wow
9. Little Kim tried to fix her face. But she can’t close her lips. She reminds me of The Joker in Batman.
10. “I guess he got that #1 spot” Luda!!! I love him.
11. I just realized there is no category for Best Gospel Video. Then I remembered they don’t play Gospel Videos. Ever..... I’m just saying…
12. The Notorious B.I.G. over an orchestra. Nice! I want a pop off between Omarion and Ursher...not Omarion and Diddy!
13. Common looked good. No nappy beard, no long multicolored ratty scarf. His clothes even matched. He couldn’t see shit under that hat.
14. Did Fat Joe get at Fiddy? “I want to say thank you for all this police protection, thanks to G-Unit”. There were some chants of “Fuck Fat Joe”. Did you hear it?
15. ColdPlay. Another bathroom break for yall. Joy for me! They were on last week’s mixtape. Their music is ethereal.
16. I’m glad Kelly Clarkson won. She didn’t know where to go…such a newbie.. lol
17. How did Jamie Foxx end up naked? But he looked good…He had more fun then Kanye during Golddigger. The dance was cute though…
18. 50’s ass was on fire in them hot leather pants in a ring of fire. Who came up with that one? His muscles have gotten bigger. (C stop dreaming about him!)…I got up to make another Mango Rum and OJ..turned around and Fat Joe got cursed out. 50 and Tony Yayo looked like idiots.
19. Were the umbrellas during My Chemical Romance’s performance…curtesy of Farnsworth Bentley?? Where was he?
20. This ish was wack...I shoulda watched Rome on HBO..

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