Thursday, August 25, 2005

Cooking the Kitty/Twin Thursday

No that is not a Internet Pic from an email. That is an actual picture of "Puss In Boots" or PIB for short. Our cat. He seems to have a pump fetish.

For all you Leo's out there(EJ, BrothaCode, Xquizzty1, Will, Lynne,etc.) ...

Here's my cat post of the month!

"Cooking the kitty" is an actual expression I use for taking a bath. The twins have taken it to another level. I'm about to give you an example of exactly why you should watch your kids man! We came in from dinner at IHOP after swimming. I settled the kids in with an Dole Ice Pop and a movie and went to my bedroom to get my phone. My Grandma called to talk. Now you know this means a half an hour or better. Now Grandma's in Memphis, TN and I don't want her to use up her minutes. (Even though she's Abenezzer Scrouge rich). I told her I would call her back on the T (mobile of course). I call back...busy signal. Old folks never hang up the damn phone correctly. I figure I have a sec to go and get some Dreamery ice cream (Caramel Toffee Bar Heaven).

As soon as I hit the corner of the kitchen, I hear the microwave door slam. I'm like "What the hell"? I see Tatyana (the oldest) standing at the microwave. The twins cook their own breakfast...stuff like waffles, oatmeal. They are very good with the machine with proper supervision of course...So I'm like what is she cooking this late after we just ate? I asked and she said "Nofin" real funny like. I shake my head at her and reach for the ice cream. Something in my head said, "No, her ass is cooking something." Tatyana still standing there too. Watching me. The whole situation feels funny. I walk back over to the microwave and press the door open. Puss in Boots jumps out with a soft "Meow". If I hadn't have gotten there in the split second that she closed the door? That Pussy would have been cooked!

Now I'm going to breakdown the twin thing to you. See.. her sister was in on it. When I let PIB out the mic, Tyara (the baby) runs over and says "Oh, Taty...what are you doing?" Real fake like. Tyara's reaction was real phoney. Oscar Award winning.
After talking to Tatyana very graphically about what could have happened to PIB, blood and guts, I sent her to bed. No movie or icey for you! Did I neglect to tell you she still had the icey in her hand? Yeah... Then I get my ice cream, I look over and Tyara is chillin'. Ice pop, couch to on. I said "Nah...You go to bed too. Any other thing you come running to tell me. Mommy this, Mommy that. Your sister damn near cooks the cat? And you ain't got shit to say. Go to bed." (Sorry X, I did curse). Grandma gave all the credit to Jesus. (and righfully so)

Watch your kids...All it took was 3 minutes alone and the kitty would have been a dead duck.

Leo's your month is up LOL...But here's a little present. The best site for telling you all about yourselves. Please check out the compatibility chart.. Save yourselves a lot of trouble *smile*

Happy Birthday Lions!

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