Monday, August 22, 2005

MixTape Mondays

I've decided that I will probably have Mixtape Mondays.

Take a look at DJ Diva Reviews...

U should probably view at your own risk...I love a variety of music.

I'm going out tonight. Gonna meet a fellow blogger. Last one I met was Hashim at the Harlem Book Fair. I recognized him when he asked a question at the panel discussion on HipHop. So I went up to him afterward. I was my usual bubbly self and he was kinda quiet. I attributed it to my ex who probably still blogs with him. Funny how relationships can follow you. Oh well...

It's probably the last day for swimming so me and the twins are going to take a dip...and I'll probably take pics since I'm such a shutterbug...

U should probably enjoy your Monday!


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