Friday, July 29, 2005

Wanting/New Poem

In my creative writing class we had to do a special type of poetry.


A 12th century French Form poem. You can read about that difficult shit here!
A poem comprised of 7 stanzas. The first 6 stanzas each have 6 lines. The last stanza has 3 lines. You must choose 6 end words, that will be repeated following a specific pattern.

Let me know if you like it.


People say they know what they want.
But do they really know what they need?
There must be a distinction in love.
The being that will become you and I,
shining, blending, swaying, and soft,
will take on a brilliance that’s hard

to take. Is it really that hard?
To know what it is you want
whispered in your ear so soft?
My lips pressed hard, in need
of the melodies sung in darkness and I,
dancing lightly on the idea of love,

breathe the sweet nectar of my love
into your ear. Your heart beats hard,
your eyes glaze and I
combine with what I want.
Or should I say need?
The crystal vision once held, becomes soft.

Touching you inside where it’s soft,
exploring all of the possibilities of love,
my prior requirements I no longer need.
Melding with you has made my hard
heart flutter with want
and the promise of you and I.

This was not expected by I
or you. The gazes held so soft
across a crowded room showed the want
in our eyes. Could it be love?
No, that would be too hard.
And besides, it’s not what I need.

Or is it exactly what I need?
Fate has tossed you and I
together and I can no longer be hard.
I have to acknowledge the soft
side that needs love.
This is what I want.

It can be hard to admit what you need.
I can easier say what I want.
But it all comes back to soft love.

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