Monday, June 13, 2005

My Power

I have the power
To make you feel total joy
In my hands and under my care
All of your fears I will destroy

You don’t understand me?
Need further proof?
Well, let me explain
And tell you what I can do

With me, you might have to exercise
And keep a close eye on your weight
Between my knowledge and thirst to please
You will eat the best food you ever ate

When you need to talk
And express your dreams
Away from you, I would never walk
Believing in you, my face would continuously beam

The burdens of this world
Rest heavily on your shoulders
I will ease your load
Because my optimism will move boulders

A best friend?
You’ll never have a better one than me
Tell me all your secrets
While nestled next to me

Your physical desires will be
The easiest for me to handle
Your wants are my needs
For you I am the everlasting candle (hot)

You will feel like a total man
Never to be ruled or controlled
All I ask is for Honesty, Respect and Love
And an occasional hand to hold

This may be a boast
And you may not comprehend
But my powers are mighty
And my talents have no end

The man that captures my attention
Is very lucky indeed
To have my focus attuned
To all of his special needs

I almost feel sorry
For those who failed to understand me
As I watch them struggle through life
Without the help of my abilities

For I was created as a helpmeet
And this fact has never left me
I will always support my man
and do it powerfully.


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