Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Ying and the Yang of it/ NESS DIGI YALL


Debra Lee is now the head of BET. Who is she? I took a look over her profile / various interviews and found some interesting information. Ms. Debra and her executives explained in a sales presentation to advertisers in New York, that BET's focus is reaching black viewers aged 18-to-34 with music programming as its primary focus. I don’t watch BET. Not for the videos..I watch MTV Hits (more variety)…not for the comedy…Comedy Central/On Demand…And certainly not for the news…do they still have news? Oh that’s right, BET now offers news briefs throughout the day, specials about newsworthy events and an urban affairs show, ``The Cousin Jeff Chronicles,'' that will run four times a year. Dang, that cuts me out. I can’t watch BET during the day because of the videos that are detrimental to my daughters…so that really cuts me out. How can I watch Black news if it will be on during the 12+ hours that they show videos? You can say what you want…but my 6 year olds don’t need to see how Gucci Mane is “So Icy”.
This leads me into DJ DIVA'S commentary last night on the NESS DIGI show. This week I chose to bring up the subject of the Ying Yang Twins article by Anthony Miccio and the female blogger reaction to the song being called a “crass flirt” that has been floating around the web. I’m a DJ. It’s in my blood. It’s a part of the multitalented alterego named Diva. That said, of course the beat knocks! (SKITS) Yes, the song can be considered harmless (KWAS-O). I have no choice but to play it at parties. However, I do have a problem with it being played around my children. Nobody but me answers those questions from my innocent 6 year old twins “Mommy, what is he talking about?”
How do I explain:
Got a sexy ass body and your ass look soft
Mind if i touch it? and see if its soft
Naw i'm jus playin' lets just say i can

He’s talking about touching your butts babies, which nobody is supposed to do.

And they say a closed mouth dont get fed
So i dont mind asking for your head

Oh girls he not asking for the head off your neck so he can eat it, he’s talking about fellatio. What’s fellatio? Nah, you aint ready for that one yet..

Just wait til you see my dick

What’s a dick? HMMMm That’s a hard one…

Imma beat dat pussy up

What’s a pussy? Your private parts between your legs. What? No honey, he’s not gonna beat on your private parts with his fists. He’s just’s a metaphor.... for…...What's a metaphor?..It's complicated and I’ll explain it to you later…

Now this is all conjecture. This is not an actual conversation but a very real example of the questions that my daughters would ask me and that I would be forced to answer. As NESS DIGI said “X-rated music by artists such as Millie Jackson, used to be sold underground and played at adults after-parties”. What was considered underground is now firmly entrenched in Hip Hop culture. The twins can’t listen to the song…because I play my own mixtapes (nobody’s better than me anyway!) We can’t listen to the radio..cause that song is on every station except 98.7. As KWAS-O said last night “just turn off the song when you hear it”. But who’s being censored here? Them or me? Because I have morals and I do not have the desire to see my children exhibiting premature sexual behavior by the age of nine because of over exposure to Porno Rap which is now considered mainstream Hip Hop, I have to turn off the outlet that used to provide me with extreme pleasure during the hours the girls are active and in my presence. That means I can only listen between 9-2pm and then after 9pm. Think about it…Who’s being discriminated against if we don’t allow that kind of music to be played during the morning show, afternoon show and evening shows, while children are listening? The Ying Yang Twins? HipHop? But if we continue to allow it to be played, then it’s the conscious parents being thrown to the side. And it’s the children who are being damaged.

I was informed that I have to accept it. So I will continue to attempt to keep my household from it.

But hey…It’s really no big deal that I have to go through all of that... right?

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