Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's My House

It's my house and I live here

On the table, there sits a rose
Through every window
A little light flows
Books of feeling on the shelf above
'Cause it was built for love
I was built for love
- Diana Ross

I haven't posted in a while. Partly because of school, being busy, hanging out with the twins. But also because of few comments made by a friend. It was nothing too harsh, but made me feel quite self-conscious.

I mean I don't write a completely personal blog, like one of my favorites by SWAY.

And although sometimes I write about hiphop, this is not a strictly hiphop site like Hashim's.

I post playlists like my guy EJ, but I don't do radio blogs.

I sometimes do a radio show, like Jay Smooth.

Sometimes I think I'm funny like Brotha Code.

But most of the time I just have too much to say like my gurl Miss Kay.

I guess you could call it a hodgepodge of all of the above. But then I thought I let yall know that already. Look at the top. Where it says DJ DIVA? Right underneath it says "Here you will get political thoughts, R & B reviews, literature and anything else I feel like talking about!"

That means this is mine. My little soundbox in this huge, yet small world. The things I post on here are things that I want to share with that world. A little insight into the little, yet big persona that is Diva.

I know my friends and family mean well but sometimes I want to share things like how much of an ass a man can be...or how a ugly dyke tried to be an internet gangsta and insult me through an email. (OOOH i'm shaking like Whoopi's hyena at the mention of Mufasa's name in the Lion King). This is my forum, my arena, my house. I know that what I say here doesn't stay here. It may provide you with info or some cool pictures. But ultimately it is still mine.

I don't care about negative comments on my posts. In fact I encourage it! Say whatever the hell you want to say. That's why I provided a comments section...to get all feedback..negative and positive. But don't judge what I choose to post. This is my page and if I want to write about picking my nose...I'll be listing the lyrics by Biz Markie and talking about all the gooey snot. If I choose to.

So here is an official disclaimer: I will write about everything I want...when I want. For my closest friends and family, I will extend the common curtesy of not talking about them before I clear it with them. But everything and I mean everything truly is fair game.

Cause like I said.....

*singing while snapping my fingers, as I walk away in my high heels, swinging my ponytail*

It's my house and I live here

Now scroll down and check out my pics of BlackSheep.

Love you all and don't take it too personal...Just needed to get that off my perky chest ;)

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