Thursday, June 30, 2005



I'm going to be talking about this in about an hour for the Ness Digi show...but I needed to get this out first. I watched the awards at BLVD on Spring and Bowery street. Pictures can be seen at Nice place, great atomosphere..I'll be going back.

But back to the post....

OMG Jay-Z better watch that hot country bootie. Terrance Howard is very hot right now...and Jay is retiring. Hmmmm. Terrance is also a full blooded dude. Did you see the sparks? I certainly did. And no offence...but Beyonce picks Terrance Howard, Kelly picks Nelly, and Michelle picks Magic Johnson? What the F? I'm going to be a little rude here but reality hurts. Magic still has the virus...of everybody she could pick...she picked him. O..K. Michelle is clearly not dealing with a full deck. And Magic still has Cookie catering to him. Let's not mention her mistep on the steps when they came out. It was reminicent of the James Debarge mistep on Motown 25. (aging myself again) Also similar to Michelle falling out on 106 and Park. Michelle is just off period.

Poor Lauren
The chile has just lost it. What in the hell was she wearing? A mushroom? Jesus. and the Prince ruffle shirt? She couldn't hit a note if she had a bat. Good dick can sometimes make you lose your that Marley boy must have somethin special.
and Wyclef looks like he’s searching for her sanity. Really…are we that enthused about a Fugees reunion now? I might have to pass.

I was going to include all these pics for this post…then decided to just list my points.

20 bits about the Bet Music Awards

1. I’m sick of Jada acting so tart. A lemon wouldn’t be as sour as this chick. Damn…is that what it takes to keep Will? I guess I’m just too sweet.
2. How come Kanye was so sick over not winning a White award, but doesn’t show up to BET? Something’s funny…
3. Where in the hell was Ursher? His popping and locking behind could have had an old school pop off with Omarion.
4. Honestly, I prefer Omarion anyway.
5. Why majority of the winners…didn’t come to the damn show? They ass wouldn’t have gotten no award. I would have changed the name on the envelope for those folks that showed up. If you don’t come to the gets no plate!
6. I watched his performance…and I have decided I don’t give a (what) about a Mike Jones. Back then I didn’t know you, now I wish I never saw you. Too many negroes on stage. I think if I drank the sizzurps, I would understand swisha or whatever the hell that slow, retarded music is…
7. Mary, Mary, quite contrary…how does your afro grow? And go blond…with black roots? Can we talk about the boots? How about the voice? Got happy with the song and nobody could understand what the hell she was saying!
8. America’s Last Year’s Top Model’s neck looks so long…like those African folks with the rings around it. Should have been dancing with Luda.
9. I love Terrance Howard
10. I love Terrance Howard
11. Stevie Wonder messed up the song. Be Honest! I’m sick of hearing that dang song anyway. Crying about being Ordinary.. Didn’t John Legend have anything else on the album they want to release? I would have rather seen Stevie perform “What’s the Fuss”.
12. T.I. with Sheila-E was the shit. He looked soooo good in a suit (more of yall need to try it). It was so cool to see the combination.
13. Remy Martin. I told yall awhile back she looked like Magilla Gorilla. Then she comes out with a leopard bra talking about she wants to be Beyonce when she grows up. Dumbest comment of the night. You already grown! We got to see it all with that outfit you had. Lord have mercy. The blond bangs are not cute. No matter what Precious and nem told you.
14. Ying Yang…more like Frick and Frack…Let one of dem try and whisper in my ear…Tekken 2..down Kick kick left. Knockout!
15. Why do we love it when fat men take off their clothes? Fatman Scoop stole that one from Missy..
16. Anthony Hamilton was also hilarious after being rushed by the Set It Off girls. Jada’s outfit was little off.
17. Mariah? I can only shake my head. What the Hell was that? No Shake it Off, No Stay the Night, No Say Somethin with Snoop? She could have at least done the remix with Jadakiss and Styles. She was on BET…perfect place to do it.
18. Faith and the tattoos. After 30…it’s not cute anymore. It’s too much!
19. Toni Braxton still has it…I just didn’t necessarily want to see it.
20. Gladys needs to free the porcupine on her head.

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