Monday, June 27, 2005


so icey

"I'm da shit
Is this a chain on my neck, or the watch in my wrist
Maybe the ice in my ear, or my bracelet
" - Gucci Mane

All White Affair at Mad 28 on 28th Street in Madison Ave. Carmella and I met up with some friends from ELS to celebrate her departure from NY. Yeah we still celebrating...yall know how we do!


Carmella, Traci,Aretha and Me

els crew

The place was nice. Very opulent with comfortable couches and Mediterranean decor. The wine bottles lined up on a ledge near the ceiling reminded me of my dorm room at Temple :) The people were ok, I guess. Everyone showed up in all white...males included. That was great.

Now what I found strange was the chick on chick action going on. I'm as open-minded as possible, but I think that it wasn't sincere. I don't believe that all of the girls grinding with girls were lesbians. If so, then I was at the wrong party! What I really believe is that the girls who were grinding? They were only doing it for male attention. It is a long standing fact that most men fantasize about menage a trois. And with the attitude that men in New York have, women need to step up their game to be noticed. Hence the lesbianic displays such as lap dancing and bumping uglies. To each his own, this is true, but sweethearts don't do it just for a dude's attention. If you meet a man in a club after dancing nasty with your girlfriend, chances are you won't be going to his family's house for Thanksgiving. But hey, do what makes you feel good.

You better not come near me though....I am strictly d____y(fill it in) and it will definitely be a Girlfight (Remy Martin's verse) if your ass comes near me.

Get some f-ing decorum anyway. Didn't ya momma teach you how to be a lady?

Mine did.

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