Monday, July 18, 2005

Blacksheep Concert @ The Knitting Factory

You ever had a friend invite you somewhere and not show up or call?
Pisses you off right?
Wanna punch her in the eyeball when you see her next time?
Or maybe pull his testicles through his nose with a tweezer cause you all gussied up and have to stand around looking like a kid on a milkbox?
I know that's quite extreme but sometimes its sooo inconsiderate in this day and age where cell phones are free after nine. Not to call. Or even worse to call after and ask your mad ass "how was it?".

It was all good cause Mos Def was there. I spent a lot of time being a little nuccaratti.

So anywho...I go to plenty of places by myself and went to see Blacksheep @ the Knitting Factory curtesy of Candy Girl and Hustle Mode. How could I resist? I mean really...we all Picked it up and jumped as high as we could in a club and it was perfectly acceptable. I would jump even now with my knees finally showing the wear and tear from my years rowing crew in Temple. (Don't ask why my little 5'2" ass was rowing crew with 6 foot white chicks, like a fool trying to be Rob Lowe in Oxford Blues. Chalk it up to too many MadDogs on a late night with nuccas chanting "You can do it" ala The Waterboy.) The Choice is Yours was one of the best records of 91-92. Damn if I didn't get excited everytime I heard it. Back when Spandex was still in. We didn't hump each other back then. Dancing was not let me turn around and grind my ass real good so I can make this nucca hard and maybe he might want me. Nah...It was let me impress this dude with my knowledge of dance steps and if he can keep up, we'll go get a cup of juice and exchange vibes. It was a magic music moment in time when it was really all good even though there were Potholes in My Lawn and My Buddy understood when it was Just Another Case of that ole PTA. I get flashbacks of driving back to NY from Temple with Kyle and knowing all the lyrics to the albums released by Tribe Called Quest, LOTNS, Jungle Brothers, and De La Soul. Kyle was very impressed.

Got caught up in a personal moment. But I warned you this would happpen right?

So there were some really good opening acts.
This singer, St. Jus was incredible. The girl could blow. However, apparently she can't be found on normal web search engines for me to provide you with more information. Since I was trying to be cute (and it worked), I didn't bring my trusty notebook to write down all of song listing...So it's all from memory...and lord that ain't saying much....

This chile sang such an accurate version of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit that I was completely astonished. Remember the weird nasal psychedelic song?

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she's ten feet tall

It was crazy. This white guy Aaron did a beatbox for the background and I was completely entranced.

Did I mention Mos Def was there?

Medina Green was also very good. He started his set with a song about his father. It was very endearing. I mean most rap songs I hear emphatically wish their fathers were never born. The rest of his set was good but then I found myself saving a white girl from this character:
He had called himself trying to hit on me. But I'm too used to dealing with crazy fools in a club. Sad but true. I see crazy a mile away. Sometimes it can disguise itself but most times you can see the demon all over 'em. So dude soon realized that he was getting nowhere with me. His pickup line was that he was a photographer. With a disposable camera? Get outta my face man before I kick you with these 4" Candies!

So a little while later I go to the bathroom and he's following behind me with this obviously drunk young white girl. He barks at her to hurry up and she's looking so confused. As soon as that door swung shut, I asked some questions and after realizing that she didn't know that fool, I stepped in and told her to leave him alone. She was so thankful and she asked to hang around with me until he would leave her be. I was like of course..and the coocoo bird was shooting me mad dirty looks. Did I mention I went alone? Sometimes I put myself in crazy postions! but at some point a tree asked me if I wanted a drink and after spending time with the tall dude, I noticed she disappeared. Last I saw, she was leaving and the fool had her arm in lock. I hope she don't come up missing.

A coupla others performed: Prizm was actually very good

Dude gave good face... I meant the pose... you nasty folks!

My baby was there

And he waved at me! What a lucky girl I am.

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