Thursday, June 30, 2005

Being Bobby Brown

DJ Diva's 20 Bits on Being Bobby Brown

1. How the hell did Bobbi Kristina fit under the sink?
2. Why did Momma Whitney say that she and Bobby were gonna try and make a baby and shut the door in the kid’s face. Why do I respect her gangsta for that? I’d shut my door in a nanosecond for some nookie.
3. Why the hell were Bobby and Whitney dancing in sync in the gift shop? Popping locking and the cashier was dumbfounded?
4. Why was I so happy to hear Whitney say she wanted to eat something?
5. I felt so bad for her when those white folks wouldn’t leave her alone. Like she was a circus animal. It was hard to watch.
6. Whitney threatening to knock the shit out of Bobby was priceless. Him threatening to sue her was equally so.
7. It was refreshing to see their kids acting up. My twins aren’t the only troublemakers out there.
8. Quote: “Some of these women just don’t give a fuck”. My sentiments exactly Bobby!
9. The Soldering tool commercial let me write more. But then again…I may need to order that thing and fix some ish round here.
10. Two crackheads in a hammock. Wow.
11. “Court is Daddy Day”
12. Whitney reminded me of C…talking about ass related topics while folks is eating
13. Why must they perform wherever they go?
14. I learned about the warning signs of a stroke. And I paid attention.
15. I loved watching Whitney rub Bobby’s ashy feet with lotion. My tendency to perform pedicures for my man is not looking so bad now. And how come I didn't know she was so funny?
16. illllll Bobby Brown dug a turd out of Whitney’s ass? Did I need to know that?
17. Eddie Murphy references? Nice one!
18. Men take forever to order food. Bobby is no exception.
19. Laughter is very important in a relationship. They may act silly…but doesn’t that feel good yall?
20. I’m ready to get down with the get down.

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