Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Roots @ Pier 54

Curtesy of Ford Fusion, I got to see the Roots live at Pier 54 last Thursday. For FREE! A friend hipped me last minute, and I threw on some turquoise and headed downtown.

Cyprus Sounds from Hot 97 gave a brief opening after we were let in. Truly that Village Voice article was totally correct. Hashim did great coverage so I won't rehash it. Because of my Post Colonial African Politics class and Creative Writing, this post will be shorter than usual. But it is true people. We don't support our artists like we should. I think it's cause those of us who actually care about conscious rap (born before 80), have jobs, spouses and work to contend with. Not to mention children. And we really dont get out that often. Ok I say we...but I mean yall...my ass is always going somewhere. Just Holla...U 2 can be down..

Too Personal again? Here... read the disclaimer again

I didn't write a commentary of the show...I gotta go to bed ...school at 8:30 am.

So here are the pictures. You shoulda been there.

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