Thursday, August 04, 2005

Want vs. Need

I played around with this a little in my sestina below. But I had a conversation with "The Light" last night, which echoed a prior conversation I had with 3 other educated gentlemen, and I realized that I had to explore the topic further.

To say that I’m “crystal clear” on what I want in a relationship would be misleading. It would be like saying I have a vision of who it is I want. A vision is a mirage. It can never be obtained because it is a fantasy. I have plenty of fantasies and I want a lot of things. Shit…I could list them for days. But seriously, what I want is flexible and changes everyday.

At this point in my life, I do know what I need. My needs are more important than what I want.

1. A man
2. who reads
3. is pleasing to my eye
4. cognizant of world issues
5. likes sports
6. loves music and not just rap
7. A man
8. who is patient
9. has a good sense of humor
10. can handle his money
11. liquor
12. and his business without me having to know.
13. A man
14. with a strong back
15. soft hands
16. and packing.
17. A man
18. capable of dispensing
19. non abusive discipline
20. cause sometimes even I need to be kept in check.
21. An ambitious man
22. if not for himself, for me
23. One who knows his place in the home
24. ultimately letting me know mine
25. A man who can love.

As you can see, what I need does differ from what I want. I may add to what I need, but the original list will only keep growing and never diminishing.

Everyone's needs are different. You may not need him to be packing, but he needs a job. (Damn, I have to add that one lol) But for me? Packing is a requirement. So I shall continue a "C" summer.

I date who I want.
It remains to be seen if I will get what I need.

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