Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Somethings aren't what they seem

I thought for sure I would wake up this morning blissful. Alas, that is not the case. I have a headache, my eyes are runny, my throat hurts and my nose is stuffed. On a Tuesday?????? And I have to go to school today. Registration = Long Lines.

So my post today may be a little tart in light of the fact that I feel like ish.

I went to a film screening last night. It was supposed to be a horror flick. But the real horror was that I was repeating an episode in my life, in the same place, 10 years later. Let me explain:

10 years ago, I was with the Hebrew Israelite. We were dating. He invited me to come to Wells restaurant on 132nd street and 7th (I know it says Adam Clayton Powell Jr Boulevard...But its Sevenf Ave for true Harlemites). HI was running a comedy show/live entertainment get-together/shindig. I got Diva'd up. I was 22...but still a young Diva ("The Light" calls it my Donna Summer) What The HI neglected to mention that there was also someone else there that he was dating. (I just didn't know it then) The HI paid attention to me that night but majority of the time he was with Allison. Yeah...her name was Allison too. I kept my head up high and refused to leave..after all he did invite me right? And at the time she was just his business partner and friend. I would find out later that they had a prior 5 year relationship.
Long story short, the HI did end up with me.

Flash forward 10 years

I'm in Wells again, now known THG, and something as equally uncomfortable is going down. Granted it may have been due to my own misconception and also my extreme lateness(the early bird gets the worm) but I mean how freaky is that?

THG is a beautiful place...great ambiance, decor, lighting. But the food? It's a good thing Harlem Hospital is down the block. Short Ribs and Grits? Lobster Ravioli? I am not trying to play games with my stomach. I was assisting a white gentleman at the bar with his choice and I suggested the Cajun Shrimp with Apricot Curry sauce...Seemed like the only thing that wouldn't give him a coronary or the shits. Who in the f is the chef? Sometimes seems like nuccas just throw ish together...cause it sounds different. That don't always mean ish is supposed to be cooked together!

I did have some good Sweet Potato Cheesecake...But then again I'm sick right now...

Onto the movie...

"Not of the Flesh" - a black horror movie short written and directed by a young black female. The movie confused the shit out of me. Yeah this time I said shit. It had no cohesive plot. The dialogue was extremely stilted and elementary. The camera angles were more awkward than scary. And I still don't get the damn point! Something about a woman reading some books by an author in the neighborhood, she gets him to rob and steal, she screwing everybody in the neighborhood and in the end she ends up literally in his book. I was hoping that there wouldn't be any stereotypes in the movie...but there was only the one. The Hoe. She will be rendered forever, in every form of media.

The worst part was watching the lead character read a book to her self..for a long damn time! Twice! Now mind you, this was a short movie...15 mins at best. I don't wanna watch somebody read...much less watch them read a bad book...I read enough thank you. The writer/director was asked how she got her start. She said that she tried to get the rights to an Octavia Butler novel and was turned down. (I don't blame them)... So she decided to write her own science fiction. Ok, girlfriend...Science Fiction is not that easy. And she will be finding out the hard way.

I drove home and argued with "The Lion" again. When is goodbye not plain enough? Sayanara, Adios, BE F_ING GONE!!!

Yeeeesh...now I have to go to school and finalize some ish. "The Light" and I discussed my after Labor Day plans today. I said whosoevereth the lucky dude is...he will have to be put on a tight schedule...like a Midnight Marauder (I like using that word)...Diva has a lot of papers to write...and games to watch .

I am cranky like a muther...you fill it in.

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