Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Worldwide Wednesdays

I am addicted to the BBC and CNN. I think I watch too much news for my own good. So I'm going to start sharing with the rest of you... But I will be concentrating on Third World countries...There's enough spotlight on the others...

The Americas

First, Pat Robertson has decided that somebody should shoot the Venezuelan leader Chavez.

Here's why: Chavez has taken a stance similar to Zimbabwe in that he is redistributing the land owned by wealthy whites to the natives of his country. I don't have a problem with what he is planning. 83% of his population lives in poverty. He was elected to make a change and I am very supportive (not that it makes that much of a difference what I think. Hell.. I voted...still didn't make a difference). Venezuela is the fifth largest oil exporter in the world and the US is one of its biggest customers. But Chavez has started new "Mission" initiatives with the money from the sale of oil. These "Missions" are to increase literacy and occupations in fields like medicine and dentistry. Majority of the new teachers are brought in from Cuba in exchange for low rates on oil. De white mens hate to see folks doing stuff without them...


Did you know that the Somalians haven't had central government in 14 years? Right around the time of "Black Hawk Down". We've forgotten about them...but they are still experiencing high levels of violence and torture.

In Swaziland, the ban on sex has been lifted and the tassels meant to symbolize chastity were burned. There was an huge outcry by Swazi women against the ban because the King took a new 17 year old wife...and nobody expected him to be chaste. The women were heard to have said "Yeah, we can now have sex."

There was a very good report on Nightline last night. Don Cheadle (who is doing remarkable work exposing African issues) took his family to Uganda to let them experience what life in Africa was like. While there in Uganda, he spoke about the 30,000 children who have been kidnapped to serve in the Lord's Resistance Army. The LRA is a guerilla organization and they raid villages at night looking for children between 8 and 14. The boys are forced to kill and the girls are "married" to commanders in the Army. As a result, every night children make a long walking trip to safe havens where they can sleep through the night without fear of capture. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch all of these children (upwards of 50,000) walking in the dark, clutching blankets and dolls.


There is a new disease affecting pigs in China. I don't know about yall..but I may become a vegetarian real soon. Mad Cow disease, Bird Flu and now streptococcus suis? Can't eat nothing these days!

That's it for Worldwide Wednesdays. It will be back next week...

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