Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yo Soy Un Hombre Sincero

You need to know about this man.

Remember Pat Robertson said he needed to be assinated?

Seriously…you need to look into his history.

How he has changed his country and those connected to it in the Western Hemisphere.

Now he’s reaching out globally.

You still don’t know him? You should. I spoke about him in my first (and only) World Wide Wednesday. And even if you didn’t read about him there…you should know that…

Senor Chavez has brokered a deal with CitGo to provide low cost fuel to the American poor.

No…seriously…President Chavez has agreed to provide 12 million gallons of fuel to low-income communities to help fight the supposed “energy crisis” at a discounted 40% off what American companies are charging. Senators in Massachusetts and the Bronx, Ny have already signed up for the distribution.

You should call your local senator and ask him why he hasn’t requested the fuel for your area. There’s no law against this kind of deal. As a matter of fact, CitGo is a Venezuelan Company. I stop at that gas station all the time…in fact I go nowhere else if I can help it…CitGo has the cheapest gas in town.

Back to Hugo Chavez.

You may have missed the fact that he’s stepping his game up. A long time supporter of Fidel Castro in Cuba, his major mission in this experiment is to prove that American governing policies are wrong and hurt the people of the nation. Funny, I live here and feel the same way. American oil companies predicted a doomsday situation after the Hurricane Katrina disaster, however oil production has been steady since Rita and oil prices continue to rise. Are the prices increasing because of a shortage? Is there more of a demand? No..It’s because they have already tested our thirsty pockets and found out that they could in fact charge upwards of $3.00 a gallon for gas and really get away with it.

With the enormous profit that the oil companies collect off of every individual who owns a house, drives a car, etc., it has been suggested that they contribute a portion in the form of a partial discount to poor Americans. I would venture to say that I can hear the laughter ringing from those boardrooms when that was brought up. Give back? What are you kidding me? Never in a Harlem minute!

Chavez has to arm himself now. He’s against NAFTA and it was so funny to see Bush trying to avoid standing next to him during the meeting in Argentina. Bush has pledged to stay away from him and will make all attempts to slander him when he can. With my first post I spoke about Bush pushing for Brazil to become the leader in South American economy, but it is apparent that some higher power has a hand in this turn of events.

Prior to the invasion of Iraq, the Bush government attempted to fund a coup against Chavez, planting agents and trying to turn the country against Chavez’s Socialist ideas in order to gain control of the 5th largest oil supplier in the world. However, this was swiftly recognized and dealt with, Chavez quickly sent the Bush-ites fleeing north. So thusly defeated Bush decided to attack Iraq. It was reported by the BBC Monday that Spain and Venezuela reached an arms deal. Arms deal? Why would any country need an arms deal in this supposed time of peace. Because we really aren’t at peace yall. We live in a time when our American government can usurp the authority of a sovereign country and control their oil. He who controls the oil controls the world right? It reminds me of the movie Dune and the “spice”. Spain had to defend it’s sale of 2 billion dollars worth of military equipment with its Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero saying “Between friends, each must respect the other's decisions. We cooperate in very many areas with the U.S. government, but -- with the U.S. government or any government in the world -- we are not going to bow to what their positions may be, Spain's positions are taken by the government and the parliament of Spain"

Now that’s Gangsta!

Chavez isn’t alone. Italy, like Spain is open to dealing with countries other than the U.S. The Venezuelan Government is currently in talks with Italy, involving 600 million in trade amounts. This was brought about following a meeting to discuss poverty. Because that's what Chavez is also about..trying to alleviate the pain and suffering experienced by the poor around the world. He has deals brokered with Caribbean countries including Cuba, that trade fuel for partial payment of bananas and sugar. This allows countries like Guatemala and Jamaica to have more of a choice of where they buy their energy options and provide them with enough savings to finally pay off the huge IMF debts they have accrued since the formation of the UN.

I am happy to see a man of color stand up. Chavez has no problem pointing back to the African and Indian origins of his birth. He is trying to change the way that the people in his country live and at the same time breaking the mentality that these South, Central and Caribbean Americans have to depend on the US for everything. And he’s trying to include us too yall…

The whole British and American constitutions are founded upon the same person: Locke. It was his philosophy that Government existed to protect private property and after they have raped all of Latin America, Africa, the Indian region and Australia…they still try to keep a kind of economic slavery.

Make sure you call your local congressman about that cheap oil from CitGo…

And keep an eye out for Hugo Chavez

He’s got me wanting to move to Venezuela…

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