Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Massacre Day

The above picture is the actual turkey that I started cooking at 6 AM..I ended up making Thanksgiving dinner for my mom and dad and the twins...quiet...delicious...very loving...

Every year I say to myself, "Oh, maybe this year I'll take the twins to the Macy's Parade". The weather is usually horrible...why have a parade with big ass balloons for kids...when it's Cold, windy or raining? Then this type of shit happens...said plainly? Somebody always gets fucked up by a balloon...That's why I am so thankful I never go. I hate crowds anyway...Hate em!

I have been saying "Happy Massacre Day" in my head for several years now...Lately I been saying it out loud. Only in America can we sit down and have a huge feast to celebrate the genocide inflicted upon the Indians. It is the only holiday where we are almost guaranteed 2 days off. Can you imagine Germany having a holiday celebrating the decimation of the Jews? Or why not the Rwandans celebrating with a roast pig on the anniversary of their madness? is because the Indians or Native Americans have been rendered forgettable. My professor in Baldwin had something interesting things for us to think about. He said something like:

"The Indian is considered the most insignificant race in America. One need only to look at the names of sport teams like the Apaches or Redskins to see the disrespect. You would never see a large German woman statue next to a brockwurst shop, yet it is perfectly acceptable in American culture to see Chief Longfellow standing outside a tobacco shop"

(Sorry Professor, I took some poetic license with your words...)

The sad part is that I'm not directing this to peoples of the Caucasian persuasion...Us colored folks had a hand in it too. The role of the Buffalo Soldiers was to remove the Indians from their lands. Yeah we're complicit...We eat our potato salad instead of mashed potatoes, we eat collard greens instead of string bean casserole...however we are all implicated in this regardless of color. Today I added on a prayer for the Indians and repented for my races participation in the genocide...then I sat down with my family and was thankful for everything that we have...cause it could be a lot worse...WE could be living on a reservation...struggling to hold on to our identity and way of life..and once a year...everyone will get a holiday to roast, bake and toast and remember us as the trusting fools who tried to feed some starving Pilgrims...

Now how was my day?

We were supposed to go to my Aunt P's house for dinner...well it actually went down like this:

Mom: We can't go to Memphis cause Dad can't drive since the operation on his shoulder...
Me: Ok so what do you want to do?
Mom: We should have it at your house
Me: Ok...who's coming and how should we break it down?
Mom:We'll work it out...Call Auntie Bo for the potato salad
Me: Allright

weeks pass by

Me: (calls Auntie Bo numerous times...met with busy signal because Auntie Bo loves to surf the damn net!!!)

Sunday before Thanksgiving

Mom: Did you call Bo?
Me: I tried but her number stay busy
Mom: Nevermind then...We'll just go eat at Auntie P's...Call her and find out what we should bring


Me: (Calls Auntie P and leaves 2 messages)


Me: (Calls Auntie P and leaves 2 more messages)

Tues Nite

C: Hey Dog I have Auntie Bo on the three way..
Me: Hey Dog...what's up Auntie Bo?
Bo: I'm taking my potato salad to Pam's
Me: Ok...I really tried to call you...but your line stays busy
Bo: yeah uhm yeah giggle
Me: So what's up with Auntie P? Is Thanksgiving at her house?
Bo: *Silence*
Me: Uhm Bo? Is Thanksgiving at P's house?
Bo: Well uhm...I'm not really sure...hems and hedges and haws...
Me: So P is having a "Secret Thanksgiving"? ("Secret Thanksgiving" is when you cook but don't want nobody to know you cooking)
Bo: I don't know...I don't know nothing...I'm just bringing the potato salad

So Wednesday at 4pm it was decided again that I was indeed cooking dinner. I went and brought all the necessary items and and made the turkey, yams, sweet potato pies, chocolate fudge cake, cornbread and potato salad. Mom brought the collard greens, ham, and mac & cheese donated by my cousin S.

This morning at 10 am I get a message from Auntie P's daughter...saying:

"My momma said bring some sodas and ice cream"

Apparently Pam was expecting us and spent an extra $100 in food. Ok I eat like a bird...but I appreciate the gesture...So I will have to go and have Thanksgiving again 2moro....

Communication is so important people!!!!!!!! I have had the same cell number for almost 4 years...and a house phone with an answering machine and email...jeez!!!!!

I miss the shit out of C! Our holiday feasts always went off without a hitch...cause we planned ish!!!...I miss her...I really do...

But my food was so damn good...I'm glad I didn't go anywhere else...

How was your turkey day?

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