Sunday, November 13, 2005


Ladylee...I swear...she keeps me on my toes...Although I had to take a little impromtu vacation from blogging...she posted a piece about an old mixtape she found containing Mary J Blige's oldies.... and even though I read her post so late (sorry girl ;) ) ... This starts my new outlook for my blog...I think I'll be focusing on music and news...I don't think I'll be posting too much personal ish anymore...but if I'll be on the weekend or on my secret blog....

Today, as me and my new/old honey performed some home improvements around the house...I threw this list together...I'm sure I posted it before...but I didn't have the radio blog...So here it is...

My Mary Favorites!!!! (click for the radio blog LOL) And LadyLee...I prefer the old crackhead Mary too...LOL...and as a DJ I am a big fan of the remix! Pun with my honey...remixes are sometimes better than the original version LOL


1. Family Affairs....
2. Love At First Sight
3. You Don't Have To Worry (Remix)
4. Real Love (Remix)
5. Love No Limit
6. Reminisce
7. You Bring Me Joy
8. Not Today
9. I Can Love You
10. Be Happy (Bad Boy Remix)
11. Everday It Rains
12. Changes I've Been Going Through
13. I'm Going Down (remix)
14. No More Drama Remix
15. Rainy Days
16. You Are My Everything
17. Our Love
18. Sweet Thing
19. I'm Going Down
20. Not Gon' Cry
21. Your Child
22. My Life
23. Mary's Joint
24. George Michael & Mary J Blige - As

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