Tuesday, October 25, 2005

We don't have to...

I wish I had the time to give Rosa Parks a lengthy commemorative blog piece...I can't because life is just so busy right now for me...New furniture...getting the car fixed...writing papers....singing...too much stuff to do this week... The radio blog will probably remain all week..

But I will share a story with you guys about my wonderful twins...

Every year from January to the end of February, the Montessori school that the twins attend gives extensive lesson plans on African American History. Their first year in Pre K, I was thrilled with their little crayoned pictures of Malcolm and Martin. They had little songs and speeches...just too cute...

However, one day in June of that same year the twins had an "episode". "Episode" meaning they collectively and unconciously do something totally in tandem without missing a beat. As if they had the same thought. It happens quite often..

I was taking a late class- Shakespeare on Film- and they had to be picked up by a babysitter. The babysitter took them home on the city bus (they hardly ever take public transportation).Once entering the bus, the babysitter puts them on first and says "Twins, go on ahead to the back of the bus and pick a seat". The twins both turn to her in unison and say:

"We don't have to sit in the back of the bus. Rosa Parks didn't and we don't have to either!"

They then picked out seats near the driver..

Rosa Parks was and is so important to us as a people and a nation. The fact that she had such an impact on my twins, at such a young age (4), way after African American History month...is a true testimony to her longevity. I am so proud that she lived such a long life...And although it was sad to hear of her passing....I feel much better that she lived such a long life and died of natural causes. Thank the Lord that he left her here for 92 years. We were blessed by her time on this earth.

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