Friday, October 14, 2005

Milk and Cookies

“Him say we can’t have no Milk and Cookies.” Bernie Mack

I really hope yall enjoyed all this blogging from me this week. Vacation (Thank the Lord for the Jews) has been really nice and it’s time to get back to work. But before I go back to posting twice in a day every other day or so… I must tell you that ……

VH1 Soul is the shit! If you don’t have this in your digital cable line-up…you are really missing out. I’m sitting here right now watching Brand Nubian’s “Slow Down”…at 10:30 in the morning! Last night I missed all of my regular shows…including “Everybody Hates Chris”….They had a SWV mini concert and I couldn’t miss it. R&B and lite HipHop videos all day….every day…Thank God! I can play this all day and not worry about the twins watching? How great is that? They play Lyfe Jenning’s new video with Fantasia…”Hypothetically”…

"Jesus said Hi, God said why you ain't on your mission?" Classic!!!!!!!!!!

You must check it out….of course I was up on it months ago …but nobody listens to me…I need a radio blog like EJ. This morning the twins and I were singing along with Next’s “Too Close”…I could watch Common’s “Testify” all day! No they didn’t just put on Jon B “Don’t Talk”!!!!!!!…Give me a minute while I indulge in some blue eyed soul…

Yall need this channel in your lives…

Milk and Cookies…

The picture above is of my friends and I at the tender age of 19-20. We went to the Jones Beach GreekFest (amidst all of the objections from various boyfriends). Looking at this picture…I see the innocence…

who would wear a french roll to the beach? Diva!

With curls in the front? Diva!

I guess I wasn’t really planning on swimming…and it was windy as hell…We had to wash and comb our hair for 2 days to get all the sand out. Funny…I’m actually smaller now than I was then….All those mens in thongs…It was my first experience with Greek outings…Yall are crazy!

There’s a quiet phenomenon that occurs when women reach the 30 range. Younger men look quite tasty. I’m not talking about 4 or 5 years younger…I’m talking 8-10 years younger. Milk and Cookies range.

Milk and Cookies? What the hell is Diva talking about now?

M&C = He’s too young to drink…so you have to give him milk and cookies when he comes over.

Now for some reason….a woman dating someone that young? She’s looked at as a cradle snatcher. Is she crazy? Why would she want him? He’s just a baby…she should know better. But yet…It’s ok for grown ass men to lust after



But I keep hearing flack when I say Damn…You know Chris Brown? He reminds me of someone…and maybe 16 is a little young…but…



Borrowing the words of Diggs…they could all get it!

Yeah it’s a fantasy…but I’m human right? Because I crossed the threshold of that so-called dreaded age…I should immediately cease all appreciation for the male attractiveness if his age is below legal state levels? I’m not a pedophile…But soft skin, hard abs, tender feet…Really I’m not R. Kelly..... But some of these boys is looking good. When I was 19, there was no limit to the men, who10-12 years older than me, thought I was mature enough to handle a real relationship. And I was. But more likely they really wanted something fresh…Which I still am LOL

Being a “M&C” had it’s benefits too. At 19, I was dating well-known DJ. My friends and I had unlimited access to the hottest club in the city for years. Even after we broke up. I went to trendy parties and hung out at KISS-FM. Granted... I was probably more mature than most 19 year olds. I had my own apartment, worked full time and went to college full time…so I had it going on LOL…But the age difference was still there. The naiveté. DJ got dumped for “The Indian” when he went on vacation and didn’t call me once. He came back from Jamaica and went on the radio. When I heard his voice over the airwaves without calling?…I changed my mind (Like Keyshia Cole) I had a short attention span even then…But we remained friends. Even until today. My DJ mentor…I wish he would get a damn website already.

I listened to a story this summer about a guy who is my age…dating a 19 year old. It almost made me mad…until I remembered that I was once that girl. Then I listened closely to the tale. Similar circumstances jutted out from the narrative and I was able to see the older man’s point of view. I also understood that the couple’s goals and ideals were sharply different and because of this… their relationship was doomed. He went to pick her up from work one day and she was leaving with another fellow…a younger fellow….I was reminded of unmarked cars following me to school…to ensure that I too…would not follow the unfaithful path….When we are young …we have unlimited choices…sometimes this doesn’t change

At this point in my life…I’m know I can’t do Milk and Cookies….There are too many places that I need to discover with a partner who is also tired of the constant whirlwinds associated with the dating scene. A person who is in between manhood and adolescence is not equipped with the mental stability needed to form a long lasting union….or so I think….

But I have female family members and friends who have indulged in M&Cs once they reached the “Flirty 30” stage. Some of the relationships are still lasting until today. I guess I can’t really judge…

But what do you think? Could you? Did you?

I still got it Dammit!!! LOL

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