Thursday, October 13, 2005

Time Will Reveal

I know just how you feel
But this time love's for real
In time it will reveal
The special love that's deep inside of us
Will all reveal in time
” Debarge

I wanna hear this in the morning next.

Strong Men in my life part trios LOL

Nah seriously….in continuation of my train of thought this week….How could I not talk about my Dad. That what I call him. Dad. It’s so short and quick…but so to the point. Because that’s what he is. I hope I don’t get choked up before I finish this post….

My stepfather entered my life at 18. At this time I had already left home (went away to college). When I came home and got my own place, the only contact I would have with him would be on the chance occasion that he might be home when I stopped off to see my Mommy. I don’t think we had that many conversations. LOL He was very quiet and unassuming, but I could see immediately his love for my mother. He drove charter buses to Atlantic City and would often work double shifts. He didn’t want my mom to work. He took care of her and the household. At the time, I will admit, I wasn’t that shocked. See… that’s what my mom always said that a man would do and it was what we were used to. Now I look back and I’m like Damn! Dad gives my mom money every week just for her own pockets? WOW!!! How many of us wish for something like that LOL…But he does it cause he’s from the gentleman generation. And he loves my mommy.

But like I said…I didn’t really pay much attention to him. I was wrapped up in my own life. Until I was leaving to get married and he pressed 50 bucks in my hand…for my own pocket he said. LOL I laughed…but I used it LOL…When the twins were born…he was right there at the hospital…His grandbabies he said…My dad has another daughter who is probably 5 or 6 years younger than me…but he never got to see her. Her mother moved her away when she was two…and he never had any other children. At that moment I heard him say that ....I looked up like…”Wow, he really does consider me his daughter.” I began to pay attention to him. Seek out his advice. Talk to him alone. I found such a interesting man behind the quiet façade. Then him and mom got married. Wow…How beautiful. The wedding was simple…and attended by my twin brothers and her best friend. I DJ’d the reception and gave a speech.

He has always held a job. Always had a car. After I helped set him up with his first computer, he taught himself everything he needed to know and has a thriving Internet business on the side now. He loves to vacation and will spend hours driving to Memphis so my mom can spend months at a time with my grandmother. We spend time discussing politics and he is an active member of his union. When they went on strike a few years ago, I loved seeing him on the line when they showed it on the news. I was so proud. He stands up for what he believes in. And he believes in family. He didn’t let the idea of another man’s children deter him from becoming a great father. I know my brothers feel the same way. He knows I love my real daddy but he also knows the depth of my love for him.

This man is the perfect grandfather. For example last weekend, he took to twin terrors to the Gameroom…..Alone….All day….Just because he loves to spend time with them. When they stay the weekend with my parents…They spend time with him learning about computers or watching the Nature channel, while he imparts all kinds of knowledge to them. The twins adore him. “Grandaddddaaayyy”…is one of their favorite songs LOL He is always concerned about us and stops by at least twice a week to make sure we’re ok. Every time with a few dollars…”Just for their pockets”, he says.

Time really did reveal …what a wonderful person my my Dad is. And how much love he has for our little family. My mommy has the perfect guy…I love him to death for that. He has really shown me what love looks like. I appreciate him for that. When I get married again? That man is walking me down the aisle…

Slow Jams On My Mind

1. Al B Sure - oooh this love is so
2. Az Yet - Last Night
3. Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up
4. Debarge - Love Me In A Special Way
5. El Debarge - Time Will Reveal
6. Force MDs - Tender Love
7. Guy - Piece Of My Love
8. Guy - Lets Chill
9. Johnny Gill - My, My, My
10. Keith Sweat - Make It Last Forever
11. Rene Moore & Angela Winbush - Your Smile
12. Melissa Morgan - Do Me Baby
13. Miki Howard - Love Under New Management
14. SOS Band - Tell Me If You Still Care
15. Stacy Lattisaw with Johnny - Perfect Combination
16. Blackstreet,SWV-i can't get you(out of my mind)
17. Blackstreet - Don't Leave Me Girl
18. The Branford Marsalis Quartet - Harlem Blues

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