Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Cup of Trust

Damn...I am still listening to EJ's Rock and Soul Mix...Stevie Wonder and Hall and Oates...Jesus! ...and I have to be in school all damn day 2morrow.

"Trust - who do ya?
Trust - what makes U a real lover?
Trust - I put this question to ya
" - Prince

When do you trust someone? Is it an automatic thing from the beginning...or 40 years later when you know it's just about dead and stinking anyway?

Seriously...I put this question out there....When do you begin to trust?

Can we honestly ever say that we trust implicitly? Or than in Jesus? But then don't we doubt Him at times too...even as small an amount as a mustard seed?

I am usually fond of saying:

"They start out with a full glass, I take sips to follow the bullshit and then...wouldn't you know it? The glass is empty...Gotta Go!"(Diva,1998-present)

Sometimes I swallow...

So the glass ends up emptier... quicker.

But do we really start out trusting someone 100%? From jump? That would be a little foolish too...wouldn't it?....Shit...I know I lie sometimes....It may not be as harmful as "Yeah I tested negative" and you as positive as the double line on my pregnancy test 7 years and 8 months ago...No... I wouldn't lie about something as serious as that....But I did lie and say I made some food that my neighbor cooked....Served it up nice too! Could he have trusted my cooking afterwards? Of Course!

But when you ask someone something important....when can you trust that they are telling the truth?

That's why I guess I love Christianity so teaches you about faith and trusting..but then again the Bible even says "All men are liars" (Proverbs).

I'll tell you this...I want to trust completely again... and...

I said it before...I like the answers I got...and maybe I'm naive but I'm gonna trust in them...Cause the cup is still full...

3 Days till AC

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