Thursday, September 22, 2005

I want to thank you

heavenly Father
For shinin’ Your light on me
You sent me someone who really loves me
And not just my body
Alicia Myers

Yall know the rest…Sing it with me! That’s how I feel right now lol…it’s on the Wade inspired mixtape…Everybody gets one…and no I didn’t hear those words…lol…forget it…you know what I mean LMAO yall even click on my links?

Singles Ministry meeting tomorrow with Wade In the Water (WITHW)

I’m floating right now.

Remember when I said I get nervous when speaking in public? Today I gave 2 speeches. One on the PTA for 5 mins and one on a racially charged incident that occurred in my life for 3 mins. I approached the teacher beforehand and explained my phobia. He promised to understand.

I spoke. Spoke. And Spoke. I got nervous. Then I thought about blogging. And how it allowed to speak my mind in the exact manner of my thoughts. So I imagined yall were in the audience. And I told yall about why you need to be involved in the PTA’s where your children attend school or even where u may want your children to go. I told Xquizzty1 she needed to start looking Lol…Serenity 23 I was looking at you write down info LOL…I’m just kidding lol

Seriously, you need to be involved. I can’t stress it enough!

I also told yall about how I went a mostly white gifted school on Park Ave. We were reading “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison. I was the only black kid in my 9th grade English class. My black teacher had the nerve to interrupt my daydreaming about Antione to ask me to tell the class how it felt to be called a nigger. I looked at that black woman like she was crazy. You the damn teacher…and a nigger your damn self! You tell this class of 20 white cherubs how it feels. How dare she put me on the spot like that!

You know what I said?

“Well, I have never been called one until today, in this class, by you. So give me a minute to process it and come back to me.”

Her jaw dropped to the floor. The whole class let out a collective “OOOOHHHHHH”. I was 14…but no damn dummy! She stammered and came up with some cockamamie story about herself. After class she apologized profusely. I imagine it was so that I wouldn’t complain. Hell I was just glad I got her ass back LOL

My Speech teacher said I was flawless. He said he had not one criticism for my speeches. He said I engaged everyone from the beginning. I made eye contact with just about every face. I was funny, entertaining, my gestures were on point and my subject matter was interesting.

All cause I thought I was talking to yall.

I just wanted to say thanks.

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