Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I'm Buried Under Books

I wanted to do my specialty posts this week.

I really did.

But these classes I'm taking this semester are funnier and harder than I thought they would be... I fall asleep with a book in my hand every night lol

The Rational Animal aka Philosophy
All it's doing so far is making me question God. I thought I got through all that in my 20's..... I wanna be able to argue like Socrates... Plato and his damn dialogues...I'm eating it up all over again...But I'm pissed I had to take it again because all of my credits didn't transfer ..GRRRRRR

I took this because I have always had a fear of public speaking. I failed CT (Communications and Theater) twice in High School. I could not get up to make a speech. My legs would knock...My chest would tighten...sweat my Creme of Nature right the hell on out!..Pitiful..I still get nervous...and if I'm going to be standing before college students in September...teaching Freshman Comp...I have to get it together...My years of Karaoke have helped tremendously...

Representative Writers of The 20th Century
What the hell? Are we already categorizing 20th century lit...yes people we are....and from what I can tell...It's a mixture of poetry and prose... consisting of sorrow, confusion and rebellion...Lord Have Mercy LOL...If the finest professor in the college wasn't teaching it? I would not be submitting as eagerly as I am. Am I a English Lit groupie? Yes! (said proudly)...I have taken Prof Sexy Han(last letters omitted) 3 times...and can't wait to take him in Grad classes LOL...He's married to a wonderful professor who works at the school...but I have avoided taking her classes...Why ruin the fantasy?

And of course Baldwin...
which I am so makes the semester worthwhile..I am reading Go Tell It On The Mountain for the 5th time and still finding new ideas and thoughts. My first paper topic (due tomorrow) is :

Discuss Baldwin's opinion of Christianity within the first half of the book. Is it a scam? Is it credible?

Easy as banana pudding..

So dear readers (Stephen King does that and I love it lol) I cannot post as often as I would like...But I will post...sometimes twice a day when I can...But it probably won't be everyday until I get some vacation (we get a lotta time off in Oct lol)

-The Literary Diva lol

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