Saturday, October 01, 2005

Can A Leopard Change Its Spots?

Did you know that a cat only catches her prey 1 out of every 7 tries? Wow..I say "her" because everybody knows that it's the female who does the hunting. Unless the male is single and running around with some buddies. But once a male cat gets a woman? He ain't looking for no more food. Sounds like humans LOL

Ok Sway…I’m ready for my little discourse on the possibility of change. This is a touchy subject and I have been very open previously on the subject of homosexuality. I don’t have a problem expressing myself…because it is through dialogue that we are able to bridge communication gaps and gain enlightenment.

Sway shared a story regarding a Christian reformed homosexual who married his longtime girlfriend in her post "Fruity Cars, Broken Weddings..uh switch that". Read the post here.
It is precisely these kinds of stories that led me to my earlier conclusion that homosexuality was a choice and not a trait developed prior to birth. But even putting that aside….Is it at all possible for something like this to happen? Yes…

but since this blog is about Diva?

Let’s talk about if would Diva do it….?


Love yall….Lord do I have love for the children!

But I ain’t marrying one of yall because you got “saved” and changed your mind about what you wanted. I have that mustard seed that they speak of...and I know I don't have all the answers. But I know this...whether you chose the “life” or were born into it....No.

If you chose it?

Man…I don’t have the right equipment. If you really did choose to like the link sausage and the patties…my salmon croquet isn’t really going to satisfy your breakfast meat needs…..It’s cool…I ain’t mad at you…but if you’ve been taking it like a champ for years…I don’t have the tool for that either…And I ain’t getting nothing with straps either! So eventually…you will be looking the filler I just can’t give. I know what it feels like to be filled LOL and it aint no joke!...You just can't turn your back on that feeling...No Way!

If you born that way? (Great song too by the way)

You're fighting a battle with God and your true self by marrying me…You may feel like marrying a woman is the correct moral thing to do and it would be a constant inner struggle for you…and something that I might not be able help you deal with …or to watch…I am comfortable in my skin…I know who I am…and that how I can deal with this world…To be with an emotionally conflicted man (because that’s what I think such an individual would be), would cause too much strife in a marriage. I think that such a person would running from his true self and would never be able to love me in the way I need him to. I also don’t think the Lord makes mistakes…so if you really were born that way…then that’s the way you were meant to be…and not with me…

Maybe I’m wrong…and some wonderfully reformed homosexual…might complete my family at a later date….Ha!I sincerely doubt it…I mean seriously…and he would have to have zero femininity…but like I said…not gonna happen…cause as soon as you come clean about whether it was a choice for you…or you were born that way…but now through the help of Christ Jesus you were able to change you life around and no longer desire the dizzle?

I’m showing you the door….

So the answer to your question Sway?…No I do not think it will work LOL

What do yall think?

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