Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Too Serious About Some Ish

Have you checked out my SEX Radio Blog yet

I’m starting to feel unloved LOL

My brain is fried…

I am finally sitting down to write the ten page Paper on Baldwin…due 2morrow…Lawd! Lawd! I really should have came home after class last night!!!!!!

But you know me…DJ DIVA never does what she supposed to…I went out singing again. I swear since I wrote about it ….I am just thrilled to steal a few hours away…

Now mind you…it’s not just singing…It’s a lot of joking and dancing going on too.
Karaoke Peoples Love To Party.

So a Monday or Tuesday evening feels like a Friday or Saturday night….Once you get inside the Karaoke area…It wouldn’t matter if the sun was blazing outside…It’s On like it was 1 am!

We was doing the Soul Train line at one point…(don’t ask…I’m the one who suggested it LOL)…It was a lot of fun…I can’t wait to go back Thursday night. Next Thursday is the Halloween party and it’s themed “Come as your favorite singer”…I was thinking Chaka Khan or Tina Turner…Any Suggestions?

But as with every event I go to…I must make a commentary….Sometimes I don’t let yall see them… (holla if you want the explict X rated page for the Carl Thomas Ski Trip)

20 Ways To Know You Take Karaoke Too Damn Seriously!!!!!
(in no particular order)

1. You bring your own mike.
2. You bring your own music. ( Errbody don’t carry the songs u like to sing)
3. You get mad when somebody sings your songs. You may even approach the person and tell them not to sing it (It happened last night LMAO)
4. You counting the heads to see when u coming up next
5. …and get mad if someone gets called up twice before u
6. You have a special “Karaoke” outfit.
7. Or choose clothes …saying I’ma rock it tonight!
8. You have special back up singers…(Roy, Thomas and Mike are the only ones who can back you up in your rendition of “The Love I Lost”)
9. You consider Tuesday “Practice Night”…
10. As if Thursday is “Professional Night”
11. You have Multiple cd’s specially recorded of you singing a Karaoke concert
12. …and try to sell them to your friends.
13. You ask the DJ to turn up the bass…or treble …or something
14. Hell you ask the DJ to put in a special echo
15. You won’t sing with so and so…cause she sang with that other guy last week and you don’t like him cause he sings your songs….
16. You over sing the singer currently performing…so errbody knows you’re better (Guilty after 2 hennesseys)
17. You insert lyrics sang by the original singers during a live performance …that you have memorized. (and nobody knows them but u)
18. Or lyrics you made up that you think would sound better.
19. You think that if you hit on the DJ …you get called up more often.
20. You honestly believe you better than Luther, Barry, Teddy, Chaka…you get what I’m saying.

There you have it…If any of these apply to you…Seek help and try not to go to Karaoke more than twice a week…Like “Practice Night” and "Professional Night” LOL

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