Saturday, October 29, 2005

100 again

My girl Celena has been getting deep. She also did her “100”. She also has a pic of the day we first met. Over 10 years ago... right Celena? Go over and check her out!

I’ve been blogging for almost a year and I never tackled the 100.

But since it’s the weekend…the best time to post personal ish…Here’s

100 Hunnert Things about moi

1. My name was supposed to be Milagros. Thank God Mommy changed her mind
2. and named me after my Black Grandmother…who is the ultimate Diva
3. I’m so Harlem, I was born in Harlem Hospital
4. I look just like my father, with his nose and thick ass hair
5. with my mother’s color and not her curly hair. But I have her soft lips.
6. My parents are very young.
7. I learned how to cook at age 7
8. My aunt used make me have spelling tests against adults at age 7
9. I always won
10. On the standardized tests I always tested at 12 grade level
11. because I learned to read at 2
12. I was my elementary school Valedictorian
13. I fell fast asleep after the ceremony
14. I always have books around in my windowsill, wall, cases
15. and the bathroom because I take unnaturally long baths
16. I call it “Cooking the Kitty”
17. Even though no one’s currently eating the delicious meal
18. I’m a finicky eater
19. but I eat mayonnaise sandwiches
20. and grape jelly with eggs, and sugar on my white rice
21. I don’t eat candy
22. I wear a lot of ponytails
23. I hate foundation makeup
24. but I love red lipstick
25. I have long top eyelashes
26. but no lower lashes
27. I was teased for my slanted eyes in the third grade
28. I was suspended for fighting in the third grade
29. I had my first fight over a boy(Cameron) at 13
30. I knew he wanted me to win
31. I didn’t, and got shitted on by a bird in the process
32. I continued to see him
33. I was introduced to clubbing at 16
34. I can’t give it up yet
35. I love to dance
36. But I think I’m too seductive
37. I play role-playing games like Final Fantasy
38. and I still use my Super Nintendo for Zelda
39. I used to host a variety show when I was a kid
40. I used my cousins and a old beat-up radio with a mike
41. I have about 60 cousins
42. 7 of us were raised really tight
43. I don’t call all of them like I should
44. I don’t like to call men
45. I’m a finicky dater
46. I drop men quickly
47. My ex-husband asked to marry me 2 months after we met
48. but trapped me by pregnancy first
49. I have twins
50. I will probably have twins again if I get pregnant again
51. I don’t have any other kids
52. I have a god-daughter Jazzy
53. Kids sometimes get on my nerves
54. I need a new mattress
55. I kiss my cat (even though mommy says not to)
56. I’m spoiled
57. The twins are spoiled
58. They still kiss me on the lips
59. I kiss my mommy on the lips
60. I am very good at technical stuff
61. I sometimes wish A was around so he could fix my computers and laptop
62. I get a lot of flack for blogging
63. I feel no one understands me
64. I’ve felt alone at a family function
65. I think I’m beautiful most of the time
66. I have my moments
67. I don’t do my hair when I am home
68. I wear it slicked back
69. I think the “Diva” only comes out when I step through my front door
70. I have multiple personalities
71. “Meggie” with my friends, “Diva’ for the outside world,
72. “Margaret” in school
73. and “just me” in my head
74. I have never dated a white man
75. but I came real close
76. but he was half Dominican, half Puerto Rican
77. his skin felt funny to me.
78. I have had an equal ratio of Black and Hispanic in my dating history
79. I’ve cheated before
80. I’ve been the “other woman”
81. and ratted him out
82. I won’t do that again
83. I never messed with any of my friends boyfriends
84. I have an enormous music playlist in my head
85. I used to kiss my Under the Cherry Moon poster
86. I think Prince is the best performer ever, ever, ever
87. I think Michael Jackson is overrated
88. I’ve dated people who are now famous and the light skinned dancer from the Father MC video "Treat em Like They Wanna Be Treated"
89. I could kill myself for being so quick on the trigger
90. I will be famous
91. Although I am already in my head
92. I can’t stay mad long
93. I can’t keep money long
94. I love to shop
95. I hate my car
96. I wish I had a garage so I could do my own car maintenance
97. I don’t want to move to Memphis
98. I’m going to move out of NY down south in either 2006 or 2007
99. I’m smart enough to get a PhD

100. I will be the first college graduate out of my grandmother’s 75 descendants.

Dang…I though this would be hard…but I had so much to say and I didn’t even scratch the surface.

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