Thursday, October 27, 2005

Halloween Karaoke/ The costume is.....

I was considering to the Halloween Party as my main main. My favorite singer of all time


But then I would need :

And nobody sells Purple rain-coats (LOL love the pun)

So then I thought Janet...I do sing her songs...

But then my lazy behind looked at the flyer that's been sitting in my feathered, zebra, Black velvet purse (My momma brought it)

And I found out I can go as my Girl..My Favorite Halloween Costume:

I'm psyched because a lot of people say I look like her

I just dont have the boobs....

I'll take pics...For those of you who want to meet me there...I wont get there until 8:20 ish...I have class tonight but I will def be there.

It's Twenty 20, on Warren St between Church and Broadway.....

See ya later!

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