Saturday, November 19, 2005

It's My Anniversary

That's right it's been a year...

Time has certainly flown hasn't it?

I've done so much learning....debating....healing....This blog has been great therapy

I started out this blog with this simple post:

So now I'm "blogging". Should be interesting. Lord knows I have a lot to say. Now you know who will have a lot of fodder to argue with me about.

Y B N V S?

Have I had a lot to say? Hell yeah!

Diva on Politics:
I started out with this post....US/Brazil connections

Iraq's oil which is still pretty relevant...

then I thought about "Where's the Money" ....Something we should all be wondering...

Terry Schivo
Handcuffs on a 5 year old again?
The Ying and Yang of it
Worldwide Wednesdays
I'm Hurtin, I'm Sad and I'm Mad
Paris is Burning

Diva on Homosexuality

Can A Leopard Change His Spots?
It takes a screw and a nut

Diva's Memes

My First Meme
The 100
Doing Sevens
Tree tings mahn

Diva on Love

Want vs Need
Hello It's Me Syndrome

Diva's 20 bits
BET 2005 Awards...(which generates the most traffic)
The VMA's
Being Bobby Brown
Too Serious about Some ish

Diva on the Twins

Cooking the Kitty
We don't have to....

I've had times when I've been downright emotional:

25 Years to Life

and nonchalant when I had no reason to be:

Somethings aren't always what they seem

I have taken stands

It's My House...
Sometimes you need a little cock

and sometimes lost my damn mind LOL

Evicted Hawks/Central Park
Cat Shoots Owner
Show me Yours Mutherf*&^&^

exposed my poetry

I Don't Love You

But most importantly...shared my intense love for music

First Blog Mixtape - Hot Turkey
Isley Brothers
October Chill

Prospects were dumped:

Wade in the Water
The Tree
The Lion

Friends too...

The Light

I spent the summer celibate:

The End of a Celibate Summer

It's been a great year.....Thank you for listening....

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